Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

1. This past week I read All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, which I thought was a great book. I also read Euphoria by Lily King. I enjoyed it much more than I expected. I highly recommend both.

2. Last weekend's "Mindless Movie" was Taken 2. I don't think I can take too many more mindless movie nights. Thank goodness the DVR is filling up with shows to watch.

3. Currently awaiting viewing: The Walking Dead returned last Sunday, but we have not yet watched. We've been trying to watch Togetherness on HBO, and I'm still unsure if I really like it, but there's a couple of episodes on the DVR.

4. It's Thursday so that means tonight I curl up by myself with my hot tea and a chocolate cream paczki and enjoy an evening of Shonda shows. SP will head downstairs and enjoy an evening alone in his mancave.

5. It's the middle of February which means I've had it with winter and desperately want spring to arrive. So of course this Sunday the high temperature is forecast to be 8 degrees. Terrific.

6. It's also stupid holiday time. Time for me to write about how I think Valentine's Day is stupid, how pink and red and hearts and Cupid crap annoy me to no end, and how we won't be celebrating the holiday. Nope. No special plans, just a regular Saturday dinner out for us, with an extra effort to avoid any restaurant with Valentine crap. This means we'll probably end up dining at the bar down the street or at a pizza place.

7. It's a 3 day weekend for SP. Too bad the cold weather is making me want to hibernate inside instead of going out and having fun. Guess that means he'll get his wish to spend the extra day off sequestered in the mancave.

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