Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Peach-Braised Pulled Pork

I can't think of too many meals we cook that are not, to us, tasty. Some are really, really good and become regulars, like this Peach-Braised Pulled Pork.
We first made it last spring and since then, we've made it about 4 times. This time, instead of using up leftover bread/buns in the freezer, we bought a delicious multi-grain bread from Mediterra.
This is SP's kind of bread. Loaded with healthy crap. Usually I do not like multi-grain breads. The supermarket ones are too squishy or too pale a brown or too bland. Other bakery ones we've had were way too dense, dry, and way too filling. But this one is so good. Flavorful. Moist. Poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, honey, and other good stuff. It's filling, but not after just 1/4 a slice.
Peach jam & Dijon spread. We used the peach preserves we bought in GA last December.
Generously slather the peach-Dijon mixture on lightly toasted multi-grain bread.
Top with peach pulled pork.
Add caramelized onions on top. These were good, but we let the onions simmer some more while we ate dinner so the leftover ones will be even more caramelized.
Top with baby arugula. We eat ours as an open face sandwich and use a fork & knife. For me, another slice of bread on top would be too much.

This is different form what most people think of as pulled pork. The pork is flavorful, but it's a very lightly flavored pork because it's braised with just beer, onions, smoked paprika, cloves, bay leaves, and peaches. It's not a barbecue pulled pork, there's no barbecue sauce flavors like ketchup/molasses/mustard/Worcestershire/vinegar. It's not a smoked pulled pork, there's no smoke flavor. It's not spicy/tangy flavored with chili powder/cayenne/crushed red pepper. Just a light beer-onion-peach flavor.

The mild pork is great with the tangy mustard and fruity peach spread, hearty bread, peppery arugula, and sweet onions.

Recipe here.

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