Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

1. Last weekend my parents treated us to dinner at Park Bruges to celebrate SP's birthday. We shared the ham & caramelized onion tarte flambe and an order of frites. Mom & I had our usual sauteed chicken with artichokes, mushrooms, tomatoes, and risotto. SP had mussels and dad had hangar steak with more fries. We shared 2 orders of apple tarte tatin for dessert. It was, as usual, delicious (though dad thought his steak was cooked a bit too much; he likes it rare).

2. Last Sunday, due to weather, we cancelled our planned brunch at Eleven. So sad. I was really looking forward to the Grilled Sticky.

3. This weekend we are meeting SP's family at BRGR for his birthday dinner with them.

4. I know winter officially lasts through March 20 at 6:45 pm, but as soon as the calendar flips to March, I like to think winter is over. Sadly, it is not. I've been using the space heater in my office every day, trying to keep my legs and toes warm. SP got to snowblow Sunday's snow on Monday morning and this morning he got to again snowblow. At least we're getting to use the snowblower.

Happy note: the 10 day forecast on showed 55 degrees next Wednesday & Thursday!

5. Meanwhile in Georgia, my niece & nephew had school one day in two weeks because of the ice/snow there. School was cancelled for 9 days! They got a whopping 5 inches of snow! One storm caused them to lose power for 48 hours. The thing is, even though school was cancelled for nearly 2 weeks, they still managed to get down the mountain and up another mountain for sledding fun, and my niece still saw her friends. It's like free vacation days down there. It's too cold/snowy to get to school/work (seriously, work was cancelled for a few days, too) but everyone can go sledding and hiking and hang out in town.

I know. It's all in where you live and what your area is equipped for. It's the can't go to work/school but can go out for fun thing that baffles me.

6. This week we've been eating roast chicken for dinner. Every night. It's easy, it's yummy, but I am getting sick of roast chicken. Our vegetables have been green beans or broccoli and for the other side we've had rice or pierogies.

7. My computer has been super slow and annoying. SP has been having issues with his. My tablet got stuck the other day - it just had a gray screen and wouldn't do anything and once SP finally got it working, he said the battery basically drained in half an hour - ? Last night SP's cell phone died. It's stuck on the start screen, just a flashing red blob, so now he's using his old phone, the one that is 4+ years old. It's looking like it could be an expensive month or two.

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