Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

1. It's beginning to look & feel like spring! I can see the dead grass! The stink bugs are coming out!
2. Last weekend we met SP's family at BRGR in Mt. Lebanon for his birthday dinner. As usual, I enjoyed a grilled chicken sandwich with cheddar, mushrooms, bacon, and caramelized onions. SP had a shrimp-mahi mahi burger in a lettuce wrap. We shared a side order of potato salad.
The potato salad was pretty tasty. Bacon buts, creamy dressing, lots of dill. Yum!

My sandwich was not quite as good as those I've had in the past at BRGR and our server was slightly forgetful but I still like the place.

3. I have become quite picky about my lunch meat. That means I will only eat the pricey stuff. At least it seems that way based on what the lunch meat costs. I like Boars Head but the stores closest to us do not sell it. I also like the house roasted lunch meats at the Market District deli, but my chief complaint is that their house roasted turkey is sold dried out or it dries out in 24 hours. The result? This:
Shredded, not sliced, turkey. So annoying. There was no way I could leave it in the bag so I put it in a plastic container. It is impossible to transfer any from the container to the sandwich without dropping shredded bits all over. Then, when I eat the sandwich, turkey shreds fall out and all over my desk, shirt, etc.
The digital frame start up screen
4. The trend of electronics dying continues: this week, the digital frame that SP bought me for Christmas to replace the one that malfunctioned in late November has now malfunctioned. Something is wrong with the screen. The color is horribly off. It's too late to return it where we bought it, but we contacted the manufacturer and we'll see what happens. Emails and photos and instructions and requests have been exchanged.
Sad, sad colors
5. I haven't read any books lately, just two cookbooks. SP's mother gave him a Mario Batali's America: Farm to Table cookbook for his birthday and I requested Dessert For Two from the library.

6. Justified and The Americans are our current favorite TV shows. Broadchurch Season 2 is good, too, but I'm reserving judgment for now.

7. SP planted some seeds so our garden is started. Like last year, the dining room is now a greenhouse. We'll see how it goes this year. Some of our plastic planters that we leave outside cracked from the ice this winter and the raised garden bed looks a little dilapidated so I guess we'll need to make some new purchases and do some repair work.

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