Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bocktown Beer & Grill

A few weekends ago, when Z was in town, we got together with her for dinner. It was just the 3 of us. Sometimes it's nice to have dinner with just 1-2 people from SP's family instead of everyone. When it's everyone around a restaurant table, there are way too many people to get to talk to everyone. We found that often, we would end up seated at the end of the table away from the visiting family and/or family we did not see very often and therefore would not get to really visit with them. When that would happen, we always left wondering why in the world we rearranged our schedules and made an effort to be available for a 4 pm dinner, which is not at all convenient for us.

Fortunately, Z eats at a reasonable hour: 6 pm. We wanted to stay in the Robinson/North Fayette area and we left the final decision up to Z. She chose Bocktown. Despite living so close, we had not been to Bocktown in a very long time. It's the same as we remember, same menu, but there is one difference: they no longer offer fresh brewed iced tea. Restaurants not offering fresh brewed iced tea really bothers me. Offering unsweetened pre-made, pre-packaged tea is not the same. It looks different. It tastes different. It is not good.

We all knew as soon as our 3 iced teas arrived that it was fake tea. We all sent it back. Z & SP changed to diet soda (and SP got a beer). I decided to stick with water since I do not like soda. It's too sweet and the bubbles bother my stomach.
Z started with a salad, SP had his usual She-Crab Soup, and I decided to try the Creamy Tomato Soup. I liked how creamy & tomato-y it was and that it wasn't super chunky, just a few chunks of tomato.
Z chose a gouda sauce topped chicken for her entree. It looked delicious, with mashed potatoes and a vegetable. SP had a special of the day, a venison meatloaf with a raisin sauce on top, mashed potatoes, and a vegetable. Meatloaf does not photograph well, so no photos. My meal also did not photograph well (see above photo). I got my usual Bocktown meal: the Bocktown Burgher, but with chicken instead of beef, topped with BBQ sauce, cheese, bacon, onion straws - yum! It did seem a little messier than it used to be, maybe the sauce is different? Maybe a little thinner? I ended up with my hands covered in sauce.

My other complaint: the front windows face west, so the setting sun was shining in, right on the right side of my face. It was uncomfortable. I thought they had blinds, but when I asked our server if they could lower the blinds a bit, she said they didn't have blinds. This surprised me. I refrained from putting on my sunglasses and instead just squinted and kept my head turned at an awkward angle until the sun sank low enough behind some shelving that it was blocked.

It was great to see Z and to get to really talk to her about her new life in MD and new apartment and how her husband is doing in his new job. Our meals were as tasty as we remember but please bring back the fresh brewed iced tea and get some blinds!

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