Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

1. Yesterday morning we were shocked and saddened to hear that an idiot driver drove through our favorite donut place, Better Maid, AKA the pink house donut place. I've always worried a bit when we pulled off to the side of the Steuben Street and SP crossed the street to get our donuts because that stretch of road seems to have a good number of idiot speedy drivers.

Sadly, two people were injured and the building is so badly damaged it must be torn down. SP & I hope everyone is OK and that the donut shop can re-open soon, not just because he's a great guy and it's his livelihood but because we're selfish and we want yummy donuts again!

2. It finally feels like spring. Actually, it feels a bit like summer, at least in our house. A couple of days this week it got warm enough/sunny enough outside that inside the thermostat said it was 77 degrees. Warm! So we ran the a/c for a bit right before bed. I feel kind of lame, it's only April, but it sure was nice to get the stuffiness out of the house & be able to sleep.

3. Our new yard guys have been here a few times. They've cleaned up the yard, trimmed stuff, edged, mulched, and started work on cleaning up the woods. It feels so nice to have the yard looking nice in April instead of August (looking at you, old yard guy who never showed up until it was almost fall).

4. My mom came over earlier this week and helped me spring clean. We cleared out the glass cabinets in the kitchen and washed everything inside and washed the glass. We washed the glass on the French doors between the dining room & sunroom. And mom washed the sunroom windows & screens and glass deck doors. It looks so much nicer and cleaner.

5. Over the weekend SP and I removed the glass tops from the sunroom wicker tables and cleaned both sides. That was the first time that's been done in 7 years! It's amazing how dirty they were underneath (the tops are regularly cleaned, but not the bottoms).

So the sunroom is ready for warm, sunny weather. We've been spending our evenings in there. It's quiet because it's in the back of the house, and it's bright with light yellow walls, and you feel kind of cut off from the rest of the house so it feels kind of like you're on a mini vacation from things.

6. We started watching Daredevil on Netflix. We're really enjoying the show but the violence sometimes gets to me, like the bowling ball scene and Russian guy & the car door scene. We've watched 5 episodes so far.

7. Justified ended, so I'm sad, but better to end on a high than go out on a low, overstayed its welcome note. And what an ending! I thought it was a great end and that it really did come full circle. I will miss Raylan & Boyd.

8. The Americans season ends next Wednesday. I won't write anything spoiler-ish, but I'm looking forward to seeing how several things get resolved, or if they even do, because there's a lot going on, just like in Game of Thrones. The first hour of this season flew by on Sunday and I was left thinking, wait, is that it?! There's so many stories to follow in GoT. It seemed like things were just getting started and then the episode was over.

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