Monday, May 4, 2015


Several weekends ago, we couldn't decide where to go for dinner. We were in the north, finished with our shopping, and finally decided to drive into the city. Our first choice had a wait according to No Wait so we went with our second choice: Emporio. This was our second trip to the meatball joint (first trip here).
We were seated right away. This time, we were seated near the front windows instead of back near the bar. For drinks, we ordered fresh iced tea for both of us and a beer for SP.
This time we ordered a salad to offset the meatball and bun joy to come. We shared the arugula, tomato, toasted almonds, and mozzarella with balsamic dressing salad. It was very good. Of course I loved the fresh mozzarella balls (they're buried beneath the arugula) and the dressing was tangy but not too tangy.
We shared an order of Mushroom Arancini with truffle aioli. These were tasty. Earthy from the mushrooms and nicely crispy on the outside.
For our "main meal" we chose 3 meatball sliders. First, the daily special, lamb meatball with lamb gravy:
Tasty ground lamb - that's all I remember! SP chose the Spicy Pork Meatball with Pork Bolognese because he liked it so much the first time we were there:
I chose the Classic Beef Meatball, again, but this time instead of mushroom gravy I chose Marinara Sauce:
As tasty as I remember. We also decided to order tater tots again. This time, we got the Tater Tot Poutine with mushroom gravy and bacon:
It was a glorious tasty mish mash of crisp tater tots, melty cheese curds, bacon, and gravy.
Of course we didn't pass up the Warm Ricotta Doughnuts with fudge sauce.
We left, our bellies full and taste buds satisfied. Our server was fine, but overall, things seemed a bit slow and lackluster. Nothing bad, we weren't in a hurry, just that things seemed a bit off, unlike our first visit.
We'd like to try the second floor, Mezzo, with pizza & pastas, but every time I look at the menu, the potential for not being able to avoid garlic deters me. It'd be nice to try the top floor, Il Tetto, as well, but we don't usually go somewhere just for cocktails and their menu is simply bar snacks. For now, we're happy enjoying Emporio on the first floor.

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