Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Moist Chocolate Bundt Cake

I've been making this Moist Chocolate Cake for years. I know that SP & I have make it, but it had not yet made it onto the blog. I think I discovered the recipe in Quick Cooking Magazine way back in 2001 or 2002 because I can remember baking it for my brother & his family on a trip to their KY home shortly after I broke my hip (the first broken hip!).
It's super easy and quick to make. Whisk together dry ingredients, add wet, mix for 2 minutes with electric mixer, pour into greased & floured bundt pan, bake. Just remember to flour the pan with cocoa powder and not white flour so the cake comes out with a nice chocolate color and not a lightly floured top.
We baked this cake over the weekend for the Memorial Day gathering we had. We had 11 people over and this cake supposedly serves 12 - but there were several other desserts, too (Klondikes, snickerdoodle cupcakes, cookies) so there was not a shortage of dessert goodies.
The cake was a hit. Everyone said it had a terrific rich chocolate flavor and that it was very moist. That's what I really like about it - it is very moist and it stays moist in the cake keeper for a few days. It doesn't dry out quickly like some cakes. The coffee and buttermilk make it extra rich tasting and moist.
I didn't photograph the cake the day of the party. These are photos of the leftovers! Before serving it, we dusted the top with powdered sugar, but that of course simply dissolves into the cake after a few hours. It makes it look pretty, but it doesn't really add to the flavor of the cake.

Definitely a cake we'll keep making because it's probably our favorite chocolate cake - delicious, quick, easy, uses one bundt pan instead of multiple layer pans, and no frosting.

Recipe here. The recipe in this link says canola oil, but my ripped from the magazine recipe says vegetable oil so that's what we always use. We also baked ours an extra 5 minutes this time.

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