Friday, May 29, 2015

Red Sky Cafe

One late afternoon/early evening on vacation, we walked the length of the Duck Boardwalk and then back to the car. Quite a stroll! We were hungry but we didn't have any dinner plans. The places right on the boardwalk didn't excite us so we decided to try a barbecue place across the street from the boardwalk. Sadly, it was closed. So we tried another place: Red Sky Cafe. It was so good I'm glad the barbecue place was closed.
SP ordered Duck Rabbit beer and I had iced tea. He started off with Asparagus Soup, which he said was terrific.
We shared an order of Scallops Casino (scallops served with tomato-bacon-pepper relish, tortilla strips, avocado cream).
This dish was fantastic. The scallops were cooked perfectly, the tortillas added a nice crunch, the avocado cream was cooling, and the relish had that wonderful taste of bacon and it was warm. We ate every bit of food on the plate.
While we were devouring the scallops we were also devouring a tasty, warm, soft inside, crunchy crust bread served with a warm spinach cheese dip. The dip was so good, creamy and cheesy. We ate it all, mopping up every last bit with bread.
SP's entree was the Wood Fired Trio (crab cake, shrimp, and fish of the day (trout, I think) roasted in a brick oven and served with asparagus and a creamy red pepper sauce). It was a lot of food, but he ate it all, saying it was very, very good.
I chose the Shrimp & Grits (jumbo shrimp sauteed with bacon, in a wood fired tomato Cajun cream sauce, with spinach and grits). Very good. It had a great tomato, bacon, and cream taste followed by the heat of the Cajun spices. After a while it got a little too spicy/hot for me but I kept eating it because the tomato, bacon, and cream taste was so darn good. SP tasted the sauce and didn't find it too hot, but he's not a spice wimp like me. He said he would've scooped up every last bit of sauce. I ate all the shrimp and most of the grits before feeling too stuffed to continue eating.

We looked at the desserts, but since we both were full and nothing really grabbed our attention, we passed.

Red Sky Cafe was one of the restaurants on my list and I'm glad we got to try it because we both really enjoyed our meals. We'd definitely go back. Our server was great, too. We didn't have reservations and arrived around 6 pm and were seated right away. Shortly after we were seated, the place filled up. I'm not sure if everyone had reservations or not, but in retrospect, I think we were lucky to walk in without a reservation and be seated right away on a Saturday evening in early May.

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