Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Steamers (Outer Banks)

Sometimes vacations get off to a non-vacation-y start. Sometimes the online map/driving directions sites are wrong. Like when you do your preliminary research and they tell you it's 8.5~9 hours from your house to Nags Head, NC but then you start the drive and it ends up taking 11 hours from your house to your hotel. You find yourself checking in at 7 pm, car tired, and starving for real food because that Wendy's junior bacon cheeseburger was good (bacon!) but not exactly satisfying (plus you ate it hours ago) and those car snacks were tasty snacks but not really satisfying (Goldfish crackers - yum!) and you're in a place you've never before visited and you NEED food.
But then you get into your hotel room to freshen up and discover it's not a true wheelchair accessible room (the toilet is too low, there aren't any grab bars, you can't get to the sink because there's no space underneath for your knees, and there isn't a handheld/adjustable shower) AND THEN YOU HEAR IT: the wailing baby next door followed by the toddler next door demanding cartoons. Thank you connecting door and super thin walls.

Happy 5th Anniversary vacation.

Poor SP marched right back downstairs and got us a new, better, truly accessible, quieter room (without mentioning the crying baby). Yay! And finally at 8:15 pm you're ready to get REAL FOOD and thank goodness your wonderful wife spent HOURS researching restaurants and made a spreadsheet (NERD) with your options and a map with all the yummy sounding restaurant possibilities. Thank goodness there's a place 12 minutes away that got great reviews on Yelp/Urbanspoon/TripAdvisor and that had a tasty looking menu.

The place: Steamers in Corolla, NC.
It's a tiny place. There are only 2 tables inside. Presumably, there is lots of outdoor seating, but we didn't look because it was windy, chilly, and drizzly. Steamers sells soups, salads, seafood (steamed, fried, grilled), chicken, ribs, sides -  you can get it to go or to eat there. Even if you say you're eating there, it's served in to go boxes, which makes taking leftovers home easy.
We started with soup. New England Clam Chowder for SP and Lobster & Shrimp Bisque for me.
Both soups had a lot of tasty chunks of seafood and other goodies in them. We both liked both soups, but he liked his clam chowder better and I liked my bisque better, so that worked out nicely.
Hearty, warming, satisfying on a chilly, drizzly evening.
We both got cole slaw with our meals. This was different than any we've had before. It was vinegary, not mayo-y, and there were slivers of roasted red pepper. It was really tasty and tangy.
SP had a special of the day 3 course meal of soup, entree, and dessert. His meal was fried shrimp, fried scallops, and fried clams. He said the fried clams were amazing and much better than he expected. I tried a bit of scallop and was surprised that it was so perfectly cooked since usually I find fried scallops too overcooked & dry.
I got a 3-for-one meal and chose the hush puppies~cole slaw~crab cake one. The hush puppies were good and very filling. I had to enlist SP's help to finish them. My crab cake was delicious.
Jumbo lump crab with a bit of red pepper. It was one of the best crab cakes I've ever eaten. It looks kind of small in the photo, but it wasn't.
We both were stuffed but then SP's dessert arrived. He chose the cheesecake. We each had a couple bites and then took the rest back to the hotel.

I don't know what it's like when the place is swamped during peak summer season, but for us, it was delicious and satisfying and just what we needed. Plus, all the employees were very friendly and nice. In fact, I cannot say enough how nice they were to us. We'd definitely go back and suggest it to others visiting the Outer Banks.

*Note: Beverages are selected from a cooler in the back (bottled tea, soda, water, etc) and they also sell beer and wine.

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