Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

1. Memorial Day weekend was quite a busy weekend. Saturday was lots of running around/shopping and food prep. Sunday we had people over. Monday we cleaned up, did laundry, and SP transplanted all our seedlings and newly purchased plants to their designated plots. Our petunias didn't grow from seed this year, so we ended up buying some at Home Depot.
2. I hope our guests had fun and enjoyed the food. We grilled & smoked pork loin and ribs, made a pasta salad, and baked a chocolate cake. Our friends brought lots of tasty wine, baked beans with bacon & onion, chips, snickerdoodle cupcakes, apple chips, almond cookies, Klondikes, vegetable pizza, and this:
Edamame Hummus. I'm not sure what is in it besides edamame, olive oil, and garlic. Probably some tahini and lemon? Maybe some herbs, like parsley or cilantro, maybe something like cumin or coriander? It was a big hit with everyone (I didn't try any).
3. SP has been munching on a huge bowl of mixed greens and pea shoots that he grew in the garden and harvested on Monday.

4. My new tablet arrived. It makes my old one look even older and sadder. I got a Samsung Galaxy S, in dazzling white, and got a purple case to protect it. So shiny and new and fast. Did I mention fast? It doesn't take 2 minutes to try to load a page and then tell me the browser isn't responding. Or tell me the processing core isn't responding (or whatever that horrible message of doom is). Or randomly freeze for 5 minutes.

5. We finally started watching Interstellar. We've had the movie from Netflix for 2 months now. We watched half last night and will finish it tonight. So far, it's interesting, I just have lots of science/math questions for SP. I tried to look stuff up but as soon as I saw mathematical equations and formulas, my eyes glazed over and my brain shut down and I remembered why I did not become an engineer like my brother, dad, and grandpa. And SP.

6. We just made our final car payment! There were only 3 payments left so I made a big final payment. It feels so good to have that done. For now. There has already been talk of what the next car will be. But I'd really like some time without a car payment.

7. I read Ming Tea Murder by Laura Childs this week. I still have a stack of 5 books plus all the magazines arrived at the same time, so I have 6 magazines to read. Someday I'll have time to get back to my cross-stitch but I am seriously doubting my ability to finally finish it this year. Every time I think about it, I remember that I am on the "use annoying gold thread to do detail work on solid black background so it's tough to count and my eyeballs go crazy" stage and I lose all interest.

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