Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Vacation Lunch Time: Frisco Sandwich ~ Gibby's ~ Poor Richard's

Sometimes finding a place to get lunch is the hardest part of vacation. We never know exactly where we'll be when hunger strikes. Since neither of us much likes the usual fast food places, and since sometimes our sight-seeing takes us to some deserted areas (like a day trip from Portland to Mt. St. Helens, or a day driving from Las Vegas to Death Valley), I try to plan a rough schedule of activities for a day of vacation and then research lunch options in what looks like a lunch time area. We always take a bag full of snacks because sometimes, you just can't find a lunch place (like in the middle of driving around Death Valley, or on a volcano). This trip, we toted our food bag of goldfish crackers, club crackers, pretzels, Pringles, Snickers, Wheat Thins, Milanos, and Smarties everywhere. 

Sometimes there's fruit, too. 

Snacks only stave off hunger for so long. Fortunately there's Yelp. I'm very bad at contributing reviews to Yelp (I much prefer linking my blog posts like at Urbanspoon rather than writing the blog post again on Yelp's site) BUT we have found the Yelp app incredibly useful when on the road.

For instance, our first day of vacation, we headed from Corolla down to Hatteras, stopping at places along the way (like Bodie Lighthouse). Just before we got to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, we decided we were hungry. I had not marked any lunch places on our map, so we pulled up Yelp and discovered this place, just 11 minutes down the road from where the car was:
Frisco Sandwich Company. It got good reviews, and who doesn't like a dancing pickle?
We pulled up the menu on our phones, chose our sandwiches, SP went in to order, and we ate in the car. We chose the same sandwich:
TBC (smoked turkey, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, ranch on white (me) or wheat (SP)). The sandwiches were excellent. The potato chips were amazing! Super thin and crispy and a light seasoning. We couldn't stop eating them.
Definitely a great lunch choice if you're near the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.
Frisco Sandwich Company on Urbanspoon

The day that we were driving from Fort Fisher to Carolina Beach, we had to quickly find lunch around 2 pm (we were starving despite eating a bunch of pretzels and crackers at the beach near Fort Fisher) and used Yelp to find this place:
Gibby's Dock & Dine. Sadly, after choosing this place, we discovered there are 2 entries for this place on Yelp, one with an average rating around 4 (the entry we saw) and the other rating around 3 (the entry we didn't see). When we went in, we were a little unsure if we should stay. It was seat yourself and we had to choose between going left or right, we had no idea of the difference, an employee said either was fine, we chose right and entered what seemed to be the bar area. There were a few people here and there but we felt really out of sorts. Kind of like intruders. Another employee suggested the dining room to the left, so we went there. We were the only ones there and waited a long time for a server. It was kind of creepy.
SP chose the Seafood Chowder Classic. It was very thick but had lots of potatoes, bacon, clams, crab, and shrimp. It's not my kind of soup but SP really liked it.
He also chose the House Salad and was happy to see mixed greens, not iceberg. Fortunately, after soup & salad, he had room left in his tummy to help me finish my lunch:
The Intracoastal Club. It was HUGE. I chose white instead of wheat or rye bread and turkey instead of ham or roast beef. I asked for cheese (cheddar) and mayo on the side. My side: sweet potato fries. The fries were pretty darn tasty and had a bit of cinnamon sugar sprinkled on them. I'd never had slightly sweet and cinnamony sweet potato fries before and it was a nice change of pace. My sandwich was good. The turkey was just OK but there was lots of it, and lots of bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

The menu also lists a sandwich option, The Gibby, which includes fries and cole slaw on the sandwich and under appetizers there is a Pittsburgh Pepper option. We asked our server if the owner is from Pittsburgh and he said yes. I will say that our server, once he found us at a table in need of service, was quite friendly and accommodating. Not only did he talk to us about the owner being from Pittsburgh but he also told us a lot about the new boardwalk and about the owner's new restaurant just a block or so away.

A good choice if you're in the area and need lunch just beware these are Pittsburgh sized portions! And beware of the slow service.
Gibby's Dock & Dine on Urbanspoon

The day that we were near Manteo, Fort Raleigh, and the Elizabethan Gardens, we snacked until around 2:30 and then found this place: Poor Richard's Sandwich Shop. The menu is on a chalkboard along the left wall as you enter. You order at a counter then take a seat and they bring your food. When we went to order, a young girl behind the counter told us they were closed, but then an older guy (owner? manager?) corrected her and said, no, they were still open. ? I think because we were there about 10-15 minutes before they closed on a Sunday and because they were starting to clean up and because the young girl wanted to be done with her work day, she tried to turn us away and got caught by the guy in charge.

We shared a Grilled Pimento Cheese on wheat and chips. The cheese was so melty and gooey it kept sliding off the sandwich and we ended up using the chips to scoop up the cheese that oozed onto the plate. Truthfully, I was disappointed. It didn't really seem worth the cost. To be fair, it was just before closing, but... The pimento cheese was tasty but I thought the bread could have and should have been better (it seemed just like store bought squishy loaf bread). There was a nice deck in the back where we ate and looked at the Manteo Waterfront. But aside from the older guy who told us to stay and showed us out to the deck, the employees were pretty unwelcoming. We felt uncomfortable the whole time we were there.
Poor Richard's Sandwich Shop on Urbanspoon

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