Friday, June 12, 2015

Cocothé Chocolaterie and Cafe

Last weekend, SP & I took a drive up to Sewickley to wander around and check out a recently opened cafe: Cocothé. They sell chocolate and teas and serve salads and sandwiches.
Inside is bright and white with glass shelves displaying chocolates on one side and glass shelves displaying jarred teas on the other side. There are 5-6 tables plus an outdoor area for seating.
There's also an interesting light fixture, modern and old at the same time. After checking out the displays, we ordered lunch at the counter. We shared a glass of the daily iced tea, a Wild Blueberry Iced Tea, pictured in the first photo. It was a very light, green tea with a good blueberry flavor.
There are 6-7 sandwiches and 3-4 salads plus soup. I was intrigued by Figgy Piggy (prosciutto, fig spread, goat cheese, arugula, baguette).
It came with a side of lightly dressed arugula. The sandwich was really good. Nice, salty prosciutto, creamy goat cheese, fresh baguette, crunchy arugula, and sweet fig spread.
I originally planned to take half home but it was so good I ended up eating the entire sandwich. SP ate his entire sandwich, too (plus his salad and most of my salad):
He chose Bella Donna (Burrata, heirloom tomatoes, basil, toasted focaccia). I tried one tiny bite and it was good, but I thought I tasted a wee hint of garlic. I preferred my sandwich. He liked his better.
In the photo, it looks like it was served on baguette and not on focaccia - ? There was a lot of burrata, which can be quite a runny cheese and he kept losing blobs of it. The tomatoes were flavorful and juicy.

We both really liked our sandwiches though we felt that perhaps they were a bit pricey, but then again, maybe not, but certainly some people will think so... I guess it depends on your personal thoughts about cost/quality/size, etc. I think they might have a few "just opened" issues to work out. For instance, a customer who arrived after us wanted a kale salad, but they were out of kale, then he asked for something else and they were out of an ingredient for that as well. That's frustrating for a customer, especially when it's only 1 pm. They also advertised fresh cookies, but the cookies were being made, not ready for sale, so unless they sold out of a first batch and this was the second batch, it seemed odd.

I'd definitely go back, though. The sandwiches were really tasty and it was nice and relaxing inside.

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