Friday, June 19, 2015

Homemade Triple Citrus Soda

The blackberry-lime syrup we made for homemade soda was so good that I decided to try another flavor from Food Network Magazine's 50 Homemade Sodas booklet: Triple Citrus.
I like citrus a lot, so I think this is even better than the blackberry-lime. It has lime, grapefruit, and orange juice.
It take a bit of elbow grease to juice the fruit (half a cup juice from each fruit). That was SP's job! I measured the sugar into the sauce pan and then watched him juice. Of course, lucky me, I got to clean all the pulp out of the juicer grooves. I suppose that's fair but I really dislike that chore. Sadly, the dishwasher leaves behind dried bits of pulp stuck in the grooves so it has to be painstakingly hand washed. (The one we have is similar to this one.)

I'm really enjoying these summer Sunday afternoon homemade soda treats, especially this one. It's worth the juicing and cleaning effort. 

Recipe here.

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