Monday, June 15, 2015

Lunch with Mom at Tartine

Croque Monsieur with fried potatoes
Last week, my mom called and asked me if I'd like to go out to lunch. Of course I said yes. She wanted to return to a cute cafe in the West End: Tartine. We've both been there before and enjoyed it.

I was a little worried about the true purpose behind this lunch invitation. We usually don't go to lunch unless we're out doing other things, like shopping. I know that since my dad had surgery, he has not been too energetic, so maybe she was juts bored, but I couldn't help but think, is one of them sick? What don't I know? What did the doctor really say on Wednesday? Wait, today is Wednesday... why isn't mom going with dad to the doctor? 

Turns out she was just bored. She said dad was a big boy who could drive himself to the doctor now that he wasn't in pain/taking pain pills. After lunch, we ended up driving around and exploring, partly because she missed a turn and we got a little lost and partly because SP & I are still kind of, sort of keeping an eye out for a new home so I wanted to check some things out.

We had a very nice lunch. The Monaco for mom (smoked turkey, brie, Dijon mayo, tomato, lettuce on croissant) with side salad, pictured below) and for me, Croque Monsieur (ham, gruyere, Dijon bechamel, tomato, grilled bread) with fried potatoes, pictured above.
Monaco with side salad
We both like Tartine a lot - especially whatever Dijon it is that they use, or how they mix it with other ingredients. Relaxing, delicious - a perfect place for lunch out with mom. The servers are always friendly and attentive. We didn't see the owner this time, but we did see Bert the dog (check out his photos on their Facebook page). A really calm, well behaved dog. We both were too full for dessert even though they look amazing. Maybe next time. I'd like to go sometime for brunch, too, to try their crepes or a Belgian waffle.

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