Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Favorite Sandwich (Meat & Potatoes)

This past weekend, we went to see Man of La Mancha and then to dinner at Meat & Potatoes. We were early for our reservation but were able to order a drink at the bar & enjoy it in the lobby area. I ordered my usual: Sgt. Pepper's Old Fashioned.
After we were seated we ordered 2 more drinks: Brown Derby (bourbon, grapefruit juice, honey) for me, on the left, and Cameron's Kick (scotch and nutmeg and other stuff I forget, maybe lemon) for SP, on the right. Both were delicious. And easy to quickly drink! After these, we switched to iced teas.
This time, we tried some new-to-us dishes: Fried Taters with black truffle mayo. I don't know why I wanted these, I really do not much like fries, but these are really good, possibly better than the ones at Park Bruges. Thin, crisp, salty, and cool truffled mayo. We ate them all.
As always, we ordered Fried Brussels with lemon aioli. So good. I like eating the crisp outer leaves that fall off the sprout.
Another usual order: Fried Pickles with spicy ranch. These are still my favorite fried pickles ever. The pickle stays so nice and crisp, not soggy or wet or too warmish, and the breading isn't super greasy and it's nicely browned and crunchy.
This was a special salad: Watermelon with ricotta and hazelnuts. It wasn't as heavy as it looks - the cheese was light and fluffy and melted in my mouth. We inhaled this in no time. A perfect summer salad.

Thus far, we had eaten everything placed in front of us. Then this arrived:
Lobster Mac (taleggio, white cheddar, doritos, truffle). We each had a few bites. Deliciously cheesy and creamy and for the first time ever, the lobster wasn't over cooked & tough. We only had a few bites because this was also on our table:
Three Little Pigs Sandwich (pork milanese, ham, pork belly, swiss, fried farm egg, grilled bread). Oh. My. Gosh. This is my new favorite sandwich.
I don't even know how to describe it other than porky deliciousness. The yolk wasn't too runny, which I liked. Moist breaded pork. Melted cheese. Thin ham. Thick slices of pork belly. Mustard. Grilled, crusty bread that held together and didn't tear. We each ate half of a half - it was enormous. I have no idea why we never before ordered this.
I really wanted to try the Butterscotch Pot de Creme for dessert which is why we decided to eat only some of the Lobster Mac & Three Pig Sandwich and take the rest home. We ate the whole dessert - it was just the right size and very tasty, not too heavy.

I already want to go back and eat more Three Little Pigs Sandwich.

Meat & Potatoes is still one of our favorite restaurants in Pittsburgh. Yes, our eyes are larger than our tummies, but it's so tasty that we can't resist plus we only go 2-3 times a year. We never mind restaurant leftovers, especially when they're this good. Especially when they give us enough for an entire delicious dinner the next day - it's like 2 nights in a row at Meat & Potatoes. And especially in this case, 2 nights in a row of The Best Sandwich Ever.

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