Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Basics

I have three more restaurants from our NC vacation to write about and this is one of them: The Basics in Wilmington, NC. It's in a shopping & dining area called The Cotton Exchange.

Here's what we ate:
Southern Canape (pimiento cheese with crudite, spiced pecans, deviled eggs). Me, pass up pimiento cheese? Never. This made me remember my childhood. My grandma and mom frequently served stuffed celery sticks as an appetizer. Usually they were stuffed with a store-bought spreadable cheese mixture. These were so much tastier. SP said the deviled eggs were yummy (I didn't try them).
Another thing I cannot pass up: Fried Green Tomatoes (with honey dijon dressing and vidalia relish). These were excellent. Firm green tomatoes, lightly breaded and fried, with a delicious sauteed onion relish and honey Dijon dressing. It was a generous portion, so I shared with SP.
SP's side salad. Nothing unusual, just a tasty basic side salad.
SP's entree: Duck special of the day. Sadly, since it was a special and vacation is a month ago and I wasn't the one eating it, I don't remember much about this dish. Judging from the photo, roasted asparagus over duck over risotto. I do remember he really liked it. Actually, now that I think about it, I think he did a special course meal that included appetizer, salad, entree, and dessert for one price.
I don't see this on the web page menu anymore, but I ordered the scallops appetizer for my meal. Three scallops atop pork belly atop greens with a Dijon sauce. I remember the pork belly was more meat than fat and that was different because when I've had it at other places, it's usually much fattier, which I don't especially enjoy. Given the meatiness of the pork belly and the 3 scallops, I remember this being quite filling as well as delicious. SP had wanted to try this, too, since he really likes scallops, so I shared with him.
SP's dessert: Peach Cobbler with homemade with vanilla ice cream. This was tasty, nothing super special, but we ate it all and I recall as I was fishing out a peach wedge I managed to send it sailing across the table. Whoops.

I think The Basics takes reservations, but we didn't have one. It was a Tuesday night in early May and we were seated right away. 

We both really liked the relaxed atmosphere, the laid back yet attentive server who checked on garlic and let us taste the shrimp & grits sauce before ordering, and the food. We'd go back if we're in the area again and recommend it.

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