Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

 1. The rainy, muggy weather isn't great for having outdoor fun, but it sure is great for our herbs and garden. The past couple of weeks, things have really taken off and now we have lots of fresh herbs ready for use. We used a bunch last weekend for Father's Day dinner with dad. Fresh basil on tomatoes and mozzarella with balsamic syrup:
 And dill, mint, and parsley in a yogurt sauce:
 We put the sauce on top thinly sliced cucumbers:
Herby Cucumber Salad
 2. Dad wanted fish for Father's Day, which made SP very happy. We grilled shrimp and scallops:
 And a piece of mahi mahi:
I tried the mahi mahi and it was OK, fishy, and yes, it's fish, but my problem is that I just don't like fish smell/taste.
All the seafood was simply prepared: rubbed with olive oil, salted & peppered, then grilled. 
The final part of dinner: bread from Mediterra.
 3. Later Sunday evening, after mom & dad left, we watched the premiere of True Detective Season 2. It was just OK. It definitely didn't draw us in and keep our attention the way season 1 did, but maybe the next few episodes will get better.

4. The Orphan Black finale was good. We're 4 episodes into OITNB. It's nice to not have as many shows to watch.

5. Reading: I read Girl At War by Sara Novic, which I thought was excellent. I finally finished last month's magazines and already 3 new issues have arrived so the magazine pile is again tall.

6. We watched a couple of movies: Blackhat (not bad but SP rolled his eyes a lot at the computer stuff) and Unbroken (I read the book and there was just so much more this movie could have been, it seemed like just a biography without much character examination or emotional impact). I watched Still Alice and gosh was it good but it really hit home, especially because a few friends are starting to struggle with parents/grandparents and dementia.

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