Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Toasted Almond & Candied Cherry Ice Cream

We finally made the first homemade ice cream of the season! I wanted a new ice cream, something we had not yet tried, so we consulted The Perfect Scoop (what else?!) and settled on Toasted Almond and Candied Cherry Ice Cream.
It's a little more labor intensive and takes more time than other ice creams we have made. You have to make the candied cherries. We used fresh cherries.
They're easy to make: wash and pit cherries, toss in bowl with sugar, water, and lemon juice, simmer until syrupy, cool, refrigerate. The next day, drain and chop the cherries before folding them into the churned ice cream.
You also have to toast the almonds. Toasting nuts is easy as long as you pay attention and don't burn them.
After toasting, they are coarsely chopped.
Then half the toasted & chopped almonds are used to infuse the milk-cream-sugar mixture. It steeps for an hour.
Strain out the nuts and finish making the custard then refrigerate it overnight.
Churn the next morning.
Fold in the other half of chopped, toasted almonds and the candied cherries, freeze, and enjoy.
It's a pretty ice cream, a light nutty color studded with chunks of cherries and nuts.
This is a delicious ice cream. SP & I differ on the nut chunks in the ice cream. He likes them because he likes desserts with nut chunks. I do not like them. I don't especially like nuts in my desserts but thought I'd give this a try. Still not fond of them. Also, over time, the nut chunks lose their crunchiness and become rather soft, which to me isn't pleasant. But I am especially picky about nuts in desserts.
Next time we make this, I'd omit the nut chunks. Or, we'd have to divide the churned mixture in half and add them to SP's half and leave them out of my half. The cherries, however, I'll take them all. So good, especially when paired with almond flavoring.

Ice cream recipe here.
Candied Cherries recipe here.

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