Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Blueberry Hand Pies

It's yummy summer fruit season (berries! cherries!) which means that whenever the subject of dessert comes up, SP is all about suggesting fruit desserts. We've been pretty busy on weekends and not wanting to spend much time in the kitchen, so when I remembered the Cherry Hand Pies we made several years ago, I suggested those - but with blueberries.
The cherry hand pies use puff pastry. We had a sheet in the freezer and it's much faster than making a dough, chilling it, and rolling it out.
For the blueberry filling, we used this filling from Blueberry Hand Pies in the June 2015 Food & Wine. I liked the idea of adding cinnamon.
Truthfully, these did not turn out all that great. The puff pastry didn't seem to puff very much. The filling oozed out so thank goodness for silpats. They didn't keep well, the puff pastry got kind of soggy. I didn't really taste the cinnamon or lemon in the filling. We ate them all, they were good, but not as good as we had been hoping.
If we're going to make hand pies again, I'd use puff pastry but with cherry filling because those turned out great. If we want to use blueberry filling, we'll have to take the time to make a dough, chill it, and roll it out. I think that will be better with blueberries than puff pastry. I think I'd also try a different filling, maybe some lime & ginger with the blueberries like this pie recipe.

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