Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Grilled Chicken with Mustard-Dill-Yogurt Sauce

In addition to ripping apart old Cook's Illustrated issues, I also went through and ripped apart all the small, free gift with magazine subscription and supermarket checkout line cookbooks we've accumulated. Some of them were from the 1990's! Some I didn't even remember. That tells you how often we referred to them (um, never).

Anyway, we've been on the hunt for quick & easy & tasty dinners. Not our usual ideas like eggs. Or fried rice. Or salad (which I really like, I just really don't like making salads, all that rinsing and chopping every single night).

I found this Grilled Chicken with Mustard-Dill-Yogurt Sauce recipe in one of those long-ignored cookbooks - the recipe is from Gourmet June 2000! We thought it sounded yummy for a quick dinner. Plus, the sauce uses yogurt, not sour cream and/or mayo.
The sauce can be made ahead of time, which is nice. It used lots of our fresh dill (we always add more dill than a recipe calls for because we like it so much) and 2 mustards for a nice zippy tang to the cool yogurt (we used Greek yogurt) plus a little honey for some sweetness. It doesn't take too long to grill chicken breasts. SP grilled ours on a Sunday afternoon before grilling the fish (for Father's Day). We ate the chicken cold during the week with the sauce spooned on top.
We thought the sauce was delicious. It wasn't thin and runny, it was kind of thick and stayed on top the chicken, but didn't taste heavy. I'm not sure why so many reviewers on the Epicurious site said the sauce was tasteless or felt that they needed to use all sour cream. Maybe they didn't use plain yogurt, or used no fat yogurt, or didn't use both mustards? Or didn't grill the chicken? The grill flavor really added to the dish. I think with baked chicken, it might be boring.

We'll make this again.

Recipe here.

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