Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Otis the Groundhog eating our grass
1. True Detective Season 2 Episode 2 was much better than episode 1. We started out only half-watching the show, slightly bored by Frank's monologue, but then things got interesting. We decided we had to give the show our full attention, so we put our tablets away and started the episode over. I'm much more interested in the show now. And how about that ending?!

2. We finished OITNB Season 3. Next season should be interesting!

3. This past week I read Some Luck and part of Early Warning by Jane Smiley. They are the first 2 books in a trilogy about an Iowa farm family. Each chapter is one year, the first book is 1920-1953 and the second book 1953-1987. I really enjoy these but in the second novel, I keep losing track of which branch of the family a descendant belongs to and how they are all related. I keep having to refer to the family tree diagram in the front of the book!

4. I'm very excited because the new Daniel Silva novel is out! One of my favorite authors/series of books.

5. We made Pasta with Prosciutto & Peas this week - yum! Definitely one of my favorite dishes.

6. Tonight we are headed to Park Bruges for dinner. I am already looking forward to the flatbread with ham & caramelized onions and chicken with artichokes & mushrooms.

7. Can Donald Trump please go away?

8. Otis the groundhog was out in our yard this morning. He looks fatter than ever.

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