Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

1. I'd been hearing about these Leona's ice cream sandwiches for quite some time and of course I wanted to try one so I put it on a list of Summer Stuff To Do. Since I made the list and placed it on the kitchen counter where we see it every single day, we've accomplished 2 of the 10-15 things on the list. Leona's is one of the accomplishments. SP has brought home a Leona's several times now, stopping on his way home from work and putting it in a freezer bag. Above is the raspberry ice cream with snickerdoodle cookie one. We've also tried a vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie and a raspberry lemonade ice cream with sugar cookie. All have been tasty if a wee pricey ($5.50 for one). To be fair, it's huge and I could never eat one all at once so I get 2 desserts from one. And, they're supposedly lactose free, which is nice for my sometimes lactose/ice cream sensitive tummy.
2. Sadly, Better Maid has not reopened since some stupid driver crashed into it so I did not get a donut treat the day of my doctor visit last week. I did, however, whine a bit about no donut and then tell SP over & over how in the last year I've lost some weight and how I was eating lots of fruit for breakfast and lots of veggies with dinner. He got the hint and swung by Mediterra on the way home to get me a cinnamon bun treat. Huge. Cinnamony. Delicious.

3. We watched Kingsman: The Secret Service. It was a lot of fun! We both really enjoyed it and laughed a lot which was nice after last week's serious movies.

4. True Detective Season 2 seems to be not positively reviewed by viewers and critics. I do not think it's as good as last year but we are still enjoying it. I thought the last 10 minutes of last Sunday's episode were great, especially the detectives' reactions after the *not gonna say it because of possible spoiler* ended. We immediately rewatched the last 10 minutes, debated bad guys and manipulators and motivations, and then watched the end of another exciting Pirates game.

5. In the past week, I finished reading Radiant Angel by Nelson DeMille and read The English Spy by Daniel Silva and have moved on to Hunky: The Immigrant Experience by Nicholas Stevensson Karas. I am really enjoying Hunky. It's based on his family history, which is similar to one branch of my family: ancestors from an area that has been Austrian, Hungarian, Polish, Ukrainian over the years and who immigrated to Pittsburgh to work in the steel mills.

6. The Pirates! My gosh! The last 2 wins against the Cardinals were exciting extra inning wins.

7. I have no idea why my allergies get so bad from mid to late July, but here we are in mid July and they are awful. I thought it was the stupid mimosa/formosia trees, but we had them all removed and it hasn't helped. Yesterday my eye was twitching and when I watched it in the mirror, I was freaked out by it. I'm sneezing all day long and using lots of tissues. This morning, I pulled on my shirt and I guess the pressure against my nose triggered a nosebleed that dripped on the clean shirt. Grrrr. The bridge of my nose and that whole sinus area hurt to even touch right now. I took some sinus medicine so hopefully that'll help.

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