Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

1. We have our first tomatoes from the garden! I'm so excited because I love tomatoes.

2. This week we are again having quick & easy dinners, not blog-worthy dinners. We grilled some chicken breasts (seasoned with Penzeys Northwoods Seasoning) and some bone in pork chops (seasoned with Lawry's Seasoned Salt). Our vegetables for the week are from our garden or from Simmons Farm: tomatoes with balsamic, grilled zucchini, sauteed green beans, corn on the cob. No bread/rice/pasta -- just meat & veggies.

3. Texas SIL and her family were here last weekend. It was great to see them. She brought us some of her Cranberry-Orange Biscotti - yum! They arrived Saturday and just rested here at the house. They were tired after driving from TX. BIL slept for a while out on the deck. I was so surprised because it was so darn hot & muggy but they said it was cooler than TX! Sunday & Monday they spent the days with other family and on Sunday, we all met at Central Diner for a big family dinner.

4. The nephews had chocolate chip pancakes for dinner at Central Diner. They are particular about their food and it was hilarious to see their faces when the pancakes arrived with a huge mound of whipped cream on top because whipped cream is a no-no! The eldest simply shoved it off. The younger looked positively horrified and froze. Thank goodness grandpa came to the rescue!

5. We finished watching Sense8 and against my wishes, I ended up really enjoying it & really caring about the characters. So I guess we have another show to watch, if and when it comes back for season 2 on Netflix.

6. I finished reading The Girl on the Train and read The Informationist. I liked The Girl on the Train but I figured out how it would end halfway through the book so after that, it was just reading to see if I was right (I was). I liked The Informationist a lot, so there's another series to add to my reading list.

7. I haven't watched any of the Netflix DVDs we have had for 2+ weeks.

8. The magazine pile grew with the arrival of new issues of Saveur, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, and Pittsburgh Magazine.

9. I haven't picked up my dragonfly cross-stitch in months and I am seriously doubting I'll ever finish it because I just have no desire to pick it up.

10. The sunflowers are blooming! I love their yellow faces.

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