Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Grandma's Cucumbers in Vinegar
1. Over the holiday weekend we went to see Jurassic World. Always fun to see dinosaurs running amok, destroying stuff and eating people.
Smoked brats, grilled burgers
2. We're still in a lazy mood with cooking, so we simply grilled burgers and smoked brats for this week. Yay, dinner every night is super easy. Boo, I''m sick of burgers. We also made my grandma's cucumbers in vinegar, but unlike grandma, we added some fresh dill.

3. When I finally transferred the camera photos to the computer, I found some from a night we needed a quick and easy dinner. We ended up getting Uncle Sam's Subs.
Uncle Sam's Vegetable Florentine with Chicken
We haven't had Uncle Sam's for years because the last time, I got an upset stomach. I got their cheesesteak with mushrooms and peppers and even though I told SP no lettuce, it had lettuce on it. Lettuce isn't the end of the world, I just don't like it on sandwiches, especially shredded iceberg.
Uncle Sam's Cheesesteak
Of course SP got the sweet potato fries.
Uncle Sam's Sweet Potato Fries
It was OK for a quick run out & bring home dinner on a rainy Saturday but I prefer DiBella's to Uncle Sam's.

4. I finished Early Warning (Jane Smiley) this week and started reading Radiant Angel (Nelson DeMille). I am excited for Book 3 of Smiley's trilogy and seeing what happens with some of the characters from Book 1. Really enjoying the books. I always enjoy DeMille's novels so I'm looking forward to getting more into this book - I've only read a few pages.

5. I finished the June/July stack of magazines. I didn't find too many interesting recipes to rip out, but I guess that's a good thing since I have 7 binders of recipes.

6. This week I watched Wild, and I enjoyed the movie, but it was kind of a slow movie. SP & I watched Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Idris Elba was impressive as Mandela. I barely recognized him. But overall, I thought the movie was a little boring. Maybe there is just too much to Mandela's life to try to capture it all in 2.5 hours, but I felt like we didn't really get a sense of what shaped him, what drove him, how he was truly affected. I haven't read an entire detailed biography, but I have read biographies online and there's just way more than this film was able to portray and it glossed over some of his less than admirable actions and beliefs.

7. Tomorrow morning I have a doctor appointment and am sad that there won't be donuts since Better Maid is still still closed. Stupid, idiot driver who crashed into the donuts.

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