Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Breakfast at Central Diner

A bit over a week ago, we bid farewell to TX family. The morning they left, they took us out to breakfast. This time, we went to Central Diner. It was the first time we'd been there for breakfast. I was a little surprised how empty it was on a Tuesday morning around 8:30am. Usually the parking lot seems so busy!
I got Two Eggs: 2 scrambled eggs, bacon, home fries, and white toast. The toast isn't pictured. I asked for cheese in my scrambled eggs and I got slices of cheese on top! So much cheese - it was great! And lots of bacon.
 SP got the same breakfast, but his eggs were over easy and his toast was wheat.
SIL had a Spanish Omelette with Cheddar Cheese and a Spanish Sauce of Chorizo Sausage, Tomato, Peppers and Onions and home fries on the side. She also had toast. It was huge! And according to SIL, very tasty.

BIL had blueberry pancakes with bacon and the two nephews had chocolate chip pancakes, no whipped cream.

Central Diner is right down the street from us. It's one of our 3 Robinson Township area go-to non-chain restaurants. The servers are always friendly and keep things moving, the owner or manager is always walking around saying hello and checking on things, the food is tasty, large quantities, and reasonably priced. Personal taste dictates whether you'll like some dishes (for instance, I'm not a fan of their red sauce because it's a thin, chunky sauce and I like thick, smooth sauce). It's definitely kid friendly. We're usually there once a month.

If you're looking for somewhere in Robinson to eat other than the crowded usual chain places, check out Central Diner on Steubenville Pike (it's in between the Red Roof Inn & Fifth Third Bank, near the intersection with Campbells Run Road).

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