Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

1. We've been enjoying zucchini & tomatoes from our garden. This weekend, our first eggplant might be ready! Pretty excited about this.

2. We're going to see Kinky Boots this weekend. Definitely excited!

3. Last weekend we saw Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation & the weekend before that we saw Ant-Man. Both were fun and action packed and just the kind of summer movie we like.

4. I did not read any books this past week. Or read any magazines.

5. We did watch one of the Netflix discs: Black Sea. It was pretty good.

6. We started watching the John Adams mini series that was on HBO. It first aired in 2008 so we're a tad behind the times! HBO re-aired it over this past 4th of July holiday so we recorded it. It's very interesting. I read the book by David McCullough when it first came out and it took me quite a while to get through it but it's well worth the read. I think the HBO series is well worth watching, too. We've watched 2 of the 7 episodes. Adams himself is interesting but I find his wife, Abigail, much more interesting, particularly her views on women's rights and slavery.

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