Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Sunflowers out front
1. Last night SP wanted to do something to my computer. Something about switching something of my computer with something from his or some such thing. I don't really get it. I usually just ask if what he does will annoy me the next day or mess up my stuff. After spending some time copying stuff to the server to be sure I wouldn't lose anything if he messed up (yes, such confidence in my husband, who has a computer engineering degree), I plopped in front of the TV and left him to it.

I didn't ask how it was going. I knew whatever he was doing would largely be hands off, so I wasn't worried when he joined me on the couch a few minutes later. He was up & down several times for laundry and the computer thing and a few times I noticed him sort of wandering around and looking around -- that look he gets when he can't find something. I figured he "lost" his phone or tablet. "Losing" things is not uncommon. Sometimes I'll know exactly what he is looking for and I'll see it and start laughing because he forgot where he put his phone, or tablet, or wedding ring, or keys and is wandering around, frantically hoping he finds it before I realize he has again "lost" something.

Finally around 11:30pm he says, uhhh, you know what I said I was going to do? Well I had the part in my hand and then you called me in to do something and I set it down and now I don't remember where and I can't find it.

I started laughing. I asked him what this thing looked like and then got up to look for it. I went through the living room, kitchen, and my office and didn't see it. So I figured it was in his office. The disaster zone. He swears he knows what is in each and every pile and that he can find whatever needs finding. I doubt this. Usually I roll my eyes at the mess. When it looks especially disastrous I yell. Our cleaning lady, well, I told her to just vacuum in there. She's afraid to move anything lest she mess up the "system" or create an avalanche.

So I went in his office and about 1 minute later I spotted what had been "lost" for the past 3 hours.

Oh, SP.

So he spent the next hour doing what he meant to do 3 hours earlier.

2. Yesterday my mom & I went shopping. This time we went to Ross Park Mall, which is exciting in that it's not "our mall." "Our mall" is Robinson Mall, or South Hills Village. So Ross Park is kind of a treat. Anyway, we decided to have lunch at Cheesecake Factory. I was very disappointed. We were seated at a table with crumbs on it. The girl at the table next to us chewed with her mouth open and the tables are so close together you can't help but notice everything about your table neighbors. My favorite sandwich is no longer on the menu. It's not as tasty as it used to be. I suppose it was better than mall court food, but... I'm definitely not much of a fan anymore.
Tall sunflower!
3. The sunflowers SP planted for me are blooming. They make me happy! I love sitting in the living room, gazing out the front window at them.
Sunflowers by the side fence
4. I read the latest novel by Kathy Reichs, Speaking in Bones. Always enjoy them. My library book pile is down to 4.

5. My magazine pile is down to 3 from 5.

6. This weekend we have to go through tunnels and over rivers for our niece's birthday party. We're not looking forward to it because the inbound Ft. Pitt tunnels are going to be closed and the party is in an un-airconditioned old church basement on what is possibly going to be a 90 degree day (according to The Weather Channel).

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