Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

1. SP did whatever he wanted to do to my computer. Then my computer was super slow and horrible and annoying instead of faster and better so I yelled. I made him use it for a while and he saw what I meant. So he undid what he did. And it was better. Then he did something and it changed the look of my screens. And now I hate my computer again because I hate what he did and how it all looks AND it looks like I lost anything new since last Wednesday (new photos, docs, etc.) GRRRRRR. NOT A HAPPY WIFE.

I have no patience for this crap and no interest in again hunting for settings/fixing things the way I like them. I am never again letting my computer engineer husband touch my computer.

2. It doesn't help that I'm suffering through another bout of stomach distress. These cramp pains are so excruciatingly painful. It's like food poisoning cramping, but I'm not expelling anything, just doubling over in pain and gasping. I have no idea what did it this time. This week's menu: ribs, tomato tart, grilled skirt steak, grilled green beans, rolls. Since Tuesday night I've been eating bananas and bread.

There are no photos of my beautiful tomato tart or tasty ribs/steak because SP lost them from my computer.

3. This past week I read Kitchens of the Great Midwest, Ghostman, and The Innocent. My library pile is down to two books. All three books held my interest (I kept exiling SP to the basement to play video games so I could keep reading; I don't think he minded) and were enjoyable.

4. We watched Woman in Gold. It's not the best movie, but it held my interest. Stories like this always do.

5. We finished the last episode of the HBO John Adams mini-series. I thought the final episode was a little lacking compared to the previous ones, but overall I enjoyed the series.

6. I can't take this stupid computer anymore, or my stomach, so I'm off to take a nap! Happy Thursday!

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