Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

1. I think SP has my computer back to normal. That makes me happy.

2. Last week after I published my post about the crappy computer and horrible stomach pains, the smoke detector started beeping. Not a huge problem if you are not in a wheelchair. I ended up calling my dad to come save me from the beeping. He came over and removed the battery from our smoke detector and then as we were talking, there was another beep. And another. Turns out, it was actually the carbon monoxide detector beeping because of a low battery. That one I can reach - it's plugged into the wall next to the kitchen table. So I could have saved myself from nearly an hour of beeping, if only my ears were not old and if only I had remembered we even have a carbon monoxide detector that beeps when the battery is low.

3. Last week I read Vanishing Games and Silent Creed. I just discovered the Roger Hobbs books and have really enjoyed them. I'm looking forward to the next one. I always read Alex Kava's latest and enjoy them.

4. My magazine pile was under control last Thursday afternoon. By Monday, new issues of Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, and Pittsburgh Magazine had arrived. So back to not under control.

5. The sunflowers died, the petunias died, summer is ending, winter is coming. This makes me sad. SP cut down the dead sunflowers but saved me the flowers that still looked OK. They've been on the kitchen island all week but are now drooping.

6. I like autumn, it is my favorite season, but it's August and I do NOT want to see Halloween stuff or Thanksgiving stuff yet. I'm looking at you, Michaels, the store displaying fall stuff the first weekend in August. And you, Yankee Candle, the place that just emailed me & sent me coupons for fall candles and fall/Halloween decor. It is summer until Wednesday, September 23, the date of the fall equinox.
7. This past weekend we made the annual peach pie with peaches from Dawsons Orchards. Yum!

8. We also made one last huge batch of pasta salad with fresh herbs since our herbs are starting to die. The basil did not do well this year, which makes me sad. Not nearly enough for a batch of pesto. We also grilled peaches and ate them with burrata & tarragon, grilled some chicken, and grilled zucchini.

9. I'm really not ready for summer to end.

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