Monday, September 28, 2015

Nine On Nine

We again bought tickets for the Broadway Season and for us, the new season started this past weekend because we decided to swap one of the shows for Jersey Boys. Jersey Boys was a terrific show. I found myself singing along and bopping in my seat a wee bit! As we always do, we went to dinner in the Cultural District. This time, we decide to dine at Nine On Nine, a restaurant we have not revisited since March 2013. Here's what we enjoyed:
The amazing Snap Old Fashioned I enjoyed 2+ years ago is no longer on the cocktail list so I decided on a glass of chenin blanc while SP tried The Art of Cucumber cocktail (gin, cynar, ginger beer). It was served in a copper mug. He really liked it. I  tried a sip and hated it because I hate gin. I had hoped the ginger flavor would overpower the gin, but, nope. Not for a gin hater like me.
The bread is still delicious. No Irish Soda Bread this time  but a delicious bread with cheese & jalapeno and 2 brown breads I cannot clearly remember, probably because I used them to mop up all the salad goodness on our salad plates. 
We shared two salads: Heirloom Tomatoes & Burrata (zucchini chips, micro basil, sumac, saba, avocado oil) and Compressed Watermelon (Valbresa feta, ice wine vinegar, chocolate mint, shaved onion).
I am not sure which I liked better. The heirloom tomatoes were flavorful & juicy, the burrata deliciously creamy, and the watermelon was so bright and juicy with terrific feta that was not super crumbly (a good thing). We cleaned the plates. 
For his entree, SP chose Lancaster Peking Duck Breast (blackberry gastrique, pistachio butter, heirloom carrots, couscous). The duck looked a little more cooked than I usually see in restaurants, but I was sitting kind of far away (it was a longer than normal 2 person table) and he assured me it was juicy and delicious. 
I opted for Diver Scallops (Memphis barbeque, pork latke, caramelized rum pineapple, chive oil, snow pea). The scallops were nicely seared and cooked but somehow, the pork latke was the standout to me! Just a shredded pork latke, but there was, if I remember correctly, a nice warm cinnamon flavor and it was just oh so good. I really liked this dish.
 We both opted for decaf coffee after dinner.
Somehow we ended up with 3 desserts due to some kind of miscommunication. The one we definitely ordered and received was the Foret Noire (dark chocolate mousse, cherry, bittersweet chocolate ganache disk, chocolate sablé). It was not as rich/dense as I expected. The mousse was chocolaty and light and the sablé soft enough to easily cut with a fork. Really, really good dessert, the way I like my chocolate desserts these days.

There was a couple seated next to us in the far back corner. We arrived around the same time, we both had seen Jersey Boys, and our meals were roughly the same pace. So we both were selecting dessert around the same time. In addition to a dessert menu, a server brings a tray with each dessert for you to see. First, they looked at the tray, then the server swiveled and we got a better look. I could swear she said this was the cheesecake, but it is actually Le Sensation (white chocolate mousse, lemon créme, lemon-almond dacquoise): 
We thought the photo below was Le Sensation but it was Creamy Pear Cheesecake (poached pear cheesecake, chocolate-praline biscuit, pear gelée médaillon, vanilla glaze). We ordered Le Sensation based on menu written description but based on tray appearance & verbal description, we thought it was this creamy dome and the creamy dome looked yummier to me. So when we were served the dessert with the orange dollops on top, we were confused. Our neighbors ordered the cheesecake and when they received the creamy dome, they thought they had the wrong dessert, so we assumed our desserts had gotten mixed up. 
Nope. We had the right desserts. But in all the confusion, it ended up that we were brought another dessert for free. So we got to enjoy 3 desserts. This is one of those happy mistakes because in the end, we both liked the shimmery dome cheesecake better than the white chocolate mousse. The cheesecake was so light it was amazing. Le Sensation was good, too, I really liked the white chocolate mousse, but the lemon-almond dacquoise, while delicious, was a little heavy at this point in our meal. We just couldn't finish it.

We both enjoyed our food at Nine On Nine and all the employees we interacted with were lovely. It was a delicious, leisurely dinner. Based on price, it's not a regular dine out dinner place but more of a special occasion or after seeing a show have a nice dinner place. Definitely a place to try if you have not been there and definitely a place to which we'll return (hopefully sooner than 2.5 years between visits!).

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