Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

1. I guess summer is considered over since everyone is back in school and the 3 day Labor Day weekend just happened. I'm still not ready for fall!

2. My brother and his family were here for Labor Day weekend. We had an early celebration of my mom's birthday. It was a big one, one of the ones that ends with a 0. It was good to see them and as always, we were surprised by how adult our 16 year old niece is and how much our 10 year old nephew has grown. Niece is on the homecoming court! She was checking out dresses online all weekend, searching for the perfect one.

3. There was, of course, birthday cake from Bethel Bakery, mom's favorite.

4. And there was a trip to Kennywood. Nephew declared it his favorite park ever and rode everything he could except Black Widow because his parents wouldn't let him. They did let Niece ride it and Nephew was seriously jealous!

5. And there was an emergency call to the plumber. This time, not because of the sewer pump and not because of guests but because of my toilet. Yes. Mine. I am so darn careful and yet it was flushing funny, taking it's time and filling up extra high before slowly draining and I feared a sudden worsening of it all. SP couldn't find our plunger, so he went and bought a new one, which didn't seem to do the trick no matter how much he plunged. So we caved in and called a plumber with dread in our hearts because we were sure there was some horrible, ridiculous issue. But, nope. It just needed to be snaked. Something about how the wax can sometimes work loose and cause issues? Um, whatever, all I know is that $245 later I have a happy toilet. But... grrr to unexpected expenses.

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