Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

1. I don't usually get too jet lagged, but this time, on the return trip only, I'm struggling. At first, I could only sleep a few hours at night and then I'd crash and be out of it all afternoon and evening. Now I just feel tired all the time.

2. The night we returned home, we got home around 7:30 pm and ordered the usual "just got home from vacation and there's no food in the house" pizza. It was dinner, breakfast, and lunch until we bought groceries.

3. For dinners this week we're having the usual "we ate vegetables on vacation but probably not nearly enough and we feel toxic and veggie deprived" salad along with grilled chicken or pork.

4. Somehow we've managed to do something like 8-9 loads of laundry and I finished the folding and ironing yesterday.

5. Here's a great going on vacation gift: at 3 am, just 40 minutes before we planned to leave for the airport, the sewer pump alarm went off. Grrr. Since it was 3 am, it was too dark outside for SP to go investigate. We didn't want to ignore it for 2 weeks. So we wrote dad a note, got out the plumbing file and contact info, and left a credit card on the counter for him to handle it. As we suspected, it was something SP could have fixed himself in 5 minutes if only he could see in the dark (fixing it involves going out to the access point in the back yard). So sadly, we paid $150 to fix that issue simply because we can't see in the dark and couldn't let it sit for 2 weeks. That brings the September plumbing expense grand total to $395. Unexpected expenses during vacation months are just great.

6. Fortunately, we both had already showered, so the 3 am alarm wasn't too big of a deal. Just a super huge annoyance.

7. So the new TV season started. We know nothing about the new shows and are relying on our DVR timers from last season to pick up what we already watch. We did try Minority Report and Scream Queens the other night, but neither really, really grabbed my attention. Oh and The Muppets - we both liked that.

8. It's Shonda night! This means I will be glued to the TV for 3 hours and I will banish SP to the basement. He's looking forward to tonight - -something about a new Dr. Who episode and some new Destiny expansion thing? Whatever - all I know is Grey's is back & McDreamy-less, Scandal is back & I can't wait for more Mellie (I love Mellie!) PLUS HTGAWM is back for more crazy murder shenanigans with Viola Davis.

9. It's officially fall. Yay! My favorite season! I'm celebrating this weekend by getting out the Halloween decorations. Maybe, just maybe, I will allow a fall flavor like pumpkin or apple to make an appearance in the kitchen. Much as I love fall, I just don't feel ready for it.

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