Sunday, October 4, 2015


A rarity! Blogging on a Sunday, that is. SP is outside doing yard work and I was paying bills - ugh. At least it's not raining. Last night we decided to try a new to us restaurant for dinner, Bakn in Carnegie. It's on East Main Street near the Black Lamb Consignments Shop.
We parked in the parking lot next to One Thirty One East, Carnegie Coffee, and the liquor store and walked to the restaurant. Inside it's gray, a gray floor, gray seats, exposed gray ducts. And not surprisingly, pig decor. I think every dish on the menu has bacon, or if not bacon then pig, so this is definitely not a place for vegetarians. There is a full bar but we opted for tasty fresh brewed iced tea and started off our bacon fest by trying the Bacon Flight:
From left to right: peppered, candied, boar, applewood smoked, and all natural. Our candied piece was a little small so our server brought us another slice. That one was my favorite. Sweet, sugary bacon. The peppered was my second favorite. I liked the boar, but I don't think I'd like it in a large portion.
We also shared Signature Housemade Biscuits with Bakn-Slapped Honey Jam. The biscuits were smaller than we expected, but that was OK because they were a more manageable size then we expected. The jam was OK. I expected a jam like what we get at Burgatory, but this was dry & crumbly, almost like just bacon bits.
 It was tasty, just not what I expected, and I'm not sure I'd order it again.
SP ordered the Bakn Pastrami Reuben (house prepared pork belly pastrami, apple braised sauerkraut, applewood smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, dressing, served on marble rye). He added a fried egg to his sandwich and chose salad for his side.
It was a large sandwich and he said it was even tastier than he expected. The salad was a nice size, too, and had fresh, crispy greens and tomatoes. The pork belly was leaner than he expected and that is a good thing.
I chose a Fried Egg Sandwich (fried egg, peppered bacon, Jarlsberg cheese, oven roasted tomato, arugula, baconnaise, on sourdough). It was served with home fries.
I really liked this sandwich. It's one of the best breakfast/egg sandwiches I've ever had if not the best. The oven roasted tomatoes added a nice roasted flavor. The egg was fried just how I asked for it (with the yolk not runny). Lots of peppery bacon. Yummy sourdough. I was sad that I only ate half before feeling full, but then again, bringing home the other half meant I got to enjoy more deliciousness for brunch at home today. The home fries were good, too.

Our server was cheerful and very good - I asked about garlic in the roasted tomatoes and she checked with the chef and then checked with me on just how much garlic bothers me because they use it in the restaurant. She kept SP's iced tea filled.

I was a little confused because the NoWait app said there was a 15-30 minute wait so we put our name on the list as we were driving there, then we walked over, and then found out there were several available tables but we had not received a text that a table was ready - ? It was fine because we were seated right away, but it seemed odd.

I like that Carnegie has some great places now and I'm happy I didn't move too far from Carnegie so we can easily enjoy the tasty new places. We'll definitely return to Bakn.

Bakn Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. I remember seeing the storefront for Bakn before they opened, and secretly I was hoping that it would be terrible so that I wouldn't have to drive out that way again. (Carnegie is not super-easy to get to from Monroeville with parkway construction, n'at.)
    So, darn it, thanks a lot. Looks like now I have to find my way back out there. ;)