Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cafe Rouge

On our second day of vacation, we went to Stonehenge & Salisbury. It was an early & busy morning - we left the hotel at 7:30 am to walk to Waterloo train station, then we took the 8:20 am train from Waterloo & arrived at 9:43 am in Salisbury. Next we took the 10 am Stonehenge Bus, the only bus that runs out to Stonehenge. It took three hours from when we left the hotel to when we arrived at Stonehenge!

Stonehenge is spectacular and we easily spent 2 hours there. By the time we were back in Salisbury, it was after 1 pm and we were very hungry. There aren't restaurants at Stonehenge - that area is beautiful, rural countryside. Salisbury is a very cute and quaint town and there were lots of options for lunch. We pretty much decided on the first place we saw that looked reasonably priced & had something for everyone: Cafe Rouge. Turns out, Cafe Rouge is a chain that features French cafe inspired food. We ended up having lunch at Cafe Rouge in Salisbury, Canterbury, and Greenwich.
The first time we all ordered Croque sandwiches with salad on the side. Croque Monsieur (smoked ham & gruyere) for me, Madame (smoked ham & gruyere with fried egg) for SP, and Saumon (salmon & Gruyère cheese with horseradish crème fraîche and lemon) for mom. I always ate the Croque Monsiuer because it was the perfect size for me and the gruyere and bechamel sauce was quite good. And the salad was vegetable - we always feel like we don't eat enough vegetables on vacation so if there is a side salad option, we choose it.
For one lunch, mom tried Champignons a L'ail (mushrooms in a cèpe & garlic cream sauce on grilled rye bread). She actually wanted the Croque Champignon but she was kind of shy about attempting to speak French and I think her slightly flustered manner confused our server, who instead of a croque sandwich served her this petit plat. Mom says she pointed on the menu to what she wanted, and I seem to recall she did, but I guess our server just messed up. The Champignons a L'ail was just OK.
For one lunch SP ordered a side salad an this petit plat: Croquettes de Canard (duck croquettes, pea shoots and frisée with orange & chili marmalade). He really liked his duck croquettes.

Cafe Rouge is good place for lunch or dinner if, like us, you are a tourist in search of a quick, tasty, reasonably priced meal. We had the best service at the one in Salisbury, and it was the tastiest, plus nothing on the order got confused and we got to sit outside on a sunny, blue sky day, a perfect travel day. Both of the others had outdoor seating, but in Canterbury it was a rainy, chilly, damp day so we sat inside and in Greenwich we sat outside but for me, it was ruined by the number of people smoking while dining outside.

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