Friday, October 9, 2015

French Apple Tart

It's October and I'm finally feeling ready for fall. The Halloween decorations are out, the leaves are falling, it's chilly in the mornings & evenings, and it's apple season. I'm not a fan of just snacking on apples or of caramel/candy apples, but I do enjoy chopped apples in salads, baked apples with lots of cinnamon, and apple desserts.
I've been wanting and waiting to try this French Apple Tart from Cook's Illustrated ever since I ripped it out of a Cook's Illustrated issue last summer during my purge of accumulated magazines. It looked so pretty in the photo. One of my favorite desserts is apple tart (like the one we've enjoyed at Park Bruges) so I wanted to try making one at home. Lots of apples and butter.
First up, the crust. Basically, a shortbread crust. Thankfully, no rolling required, just mix together butter, flour, sugar, and salt and then use your hands to press the dough into the tart pan and the crust bake until golden.
Next, saute some apples in butter with a bit of water added and then spread them out to cool.
While the slices cool, cook some more apples with butter, apricot preserves, and salt until the apples are soft and then mash the mixture with a potato masher, making a puree.
Spread the apple puree mixture into the baked crust. Next, spend some time carefully arranging the apple slices in concentric circles to make a pretty tart and then bake:
At the very end, brush the top with apricot preserves and place under the broiler to brown the top.
This was delicious! Lots of apple flavor. The crust is a rich shortbread that held together nicely and didn't get soggy over time. 
This is definitely a make again dessert. Maybe next time we make it, we'll make it for company since it's a pretty dessert. Also, we could have used some help eating the tart. When we went to eat the last slice on Wednesday (we made it on Sunday), I found a bit of mold on it, so we had to toss the rest of the tart. So sad.

Recipe here.

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