Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Prezzo (A British Bravo)

I think of Prezzo as the British equivalent of our Bravo Cucina restaurants: a sit-down, waiter service, chain Italian restaurant. There is one near Trafalgar Square, on Northumberland Avenue, so we found ourselves dining there on three occasions during our two week trip. It was within walking distance of our hotel and a reservation wasn't necessary. This location is wheelchair accessible. And finally, it was reasonably priced with decent food.
They do have beer, wine, and cocktails, but at the end of a busy day sight-seeing, I usually do not want an alcoholic beverage because it'll put my already tired self right to sleep at the table. I always ordered hot tea, an English Breakfast or Afternoon tea, with sugar and milk. SP ordered tea, too, and sometimes beer, and when my mom dined with us, she ordered wine.
One night we started with Mozzarella in Carrozza (mozzarella in breadcrumbs lightly fried with pomodoro sauce). Four good sized wedges of fried cheese with marinara sauce - yum! The cheese could have been a little hotter and gooier but it was fried, melty cheese so a win in my book.
Our first dinner there, SP & I shared a pizza and a salad. Above is the Prosciutto e Funghi Pizza (prosciutto ham, mushrooms, olives,  rosemary, mozzarella and tomato). The pizza can be ordered one of three ways: Classic, Light, and VIP. We went with Classic. Below is a special seasonal salad. It was Heirloom Tomatoes with cheese, arugula, mint, and avocado.
Both were tasty and ended up being the perfect size for the two of us to share. We ate everything and were full. The rosemary was a nice flavor with the prosciutto & mushrooms.
For my second dinner there, I ordered Chicken Milanese (with rocket, cherry tomatoes, red onion, bella lodi cheese, parsley and lemon; served with spaghetti, in either pomodoro or bolognese sauce).
The chicken milanese was huge and delicious. It was much bigger than in photo above because I started eating and it took me a while to remember to take a photo. The salad was just the right size for me. I focused on the chicken and salad, which filled me up, so I had just one bite of spaghetti and it was OK.
For both meal #2 and meal #3, SP chose Chicken Calabrese (Calabrese sausage, roquito chillies, peppers, red onion,  rosemary, spinach, and cherry tomatoes in a pomodoro sauce) and a Mixed Salad side.
He said the chicken with all the peppers and chili and spice was delicious, especially with the sausage. The mixed salad side is quite nice, it's something I ordered on our final meal there. It's lettuce, olives, tomato, cucumber, peppers, and onion.

For my third and final meal at Prezzo, I ordered Grilled Chicken Funghi (mushrooms and spinach in a marsala wine sauce) with the mixed salad. There's no photo. It was delicious. Lots of mushrooms and wilted spinach in a delicious marsala sauce.
One night for dessert we shared Salted Caramel Arctic Slice (vanilla cream, salted caramel and golden honeycomb sandwiched between two slices of light sponge). I didn't expect vanilla cream to be ice cream, I thought it would be a pastry cream. I liked the cake and caramel and honeycomb but since it was a chilly evening, I didn't much care for the ice cream part.
Another evening we shared Blood Orange Polenta Cake (topped with candied orange peel and served with raspberry coulis).
This is more of an SP dessert. I had only 2 bites because I was so full and it was just OK to me but SP thought it was fantastic, full of orange and raspberry flavors.
The night that my mom joined us for dinner, for dessert she ordered a mini dessert: Vanilla Cheesecake (with fresh raspberries and raspberry coulis or salted caramel sauce) and a hot beverage. She chose raspberry coulis and cappuccino.
This, too, was quite good. It was a very nice mini size, perfectly fine for sharing if you want only a few bites of dessert, which she did, or if you wanted a small dessert all to yourself.

Overall, we quite enjoyed our three meals at Prezzo. The staff were always helpful in opening the wheelchair door and accommodating our requests (no garlic and salad before entree). We were always seated right away, no fuss with a reservation or long wait time, asked if the table was OK for us, and we left feeling full and happy. Plus, it was so darn close to the hotel so it was super convenient. I think on our second dinner, SP was served the wrong entree, but he pointed it out right away, they apologized and quickly brought him the correct entree. A problem, yes, but one that was quickly corrected and he had his salad to munch on while it was corrected.

Another solid suggestion if you're visiting London and not sure where to eat. I'm a little surprised at some reviews I read because we found service to be quite good, we were able to relax and linger, the portions were on the large side but not too large and the food was good. As I said, a British version of Bravo Cucina.

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