Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

1. This past weekend we finally went to see The Martian. We both thought it was a fantastic movie.

2. Last week we watched Mad Max: Fury Road. We both thought it was one of the worst movies ever and were surprised because we seem to remember wonderful reviews last summer - ? I've never seen the other Mad Max movies; SP has. I ended up ignoring the movie and reading while SP watched but every so often, there would be some awful dialog or ridiculous action and I would start snorting and laughing. Not much of a plot, no character development, just ugh.

3. Last night at nearly 9 pm our doorbell rang. We both were surprised because we were not expecting anyone, it was 9 pm, we had no outside lights on, and the solar lights along the walkway were not shining because there wasn't any sun yesterday, I have no idea how this person safely found the front door in the dark and didn't trip over the uneven ground. It turned out to be some woman walking around the neighborhood reminding/urging people to vote next Tuesday. She tried to keep talking to SP, presumably about her candidate, but he was so annoyed to have this kind of crap at 9 pm that he cut her off and shut the door in her face.

We always vote, but the annoying political ads on TV, the littering of the landscape with signs staked into seemingly every lawn, the junk mail from candidates... and now this, visits at 9 pm. Ugh.

4. It's Halloween weekend! Since we've averaged one trick-or-treater a year for the last 7 years, we've decided to leave the lights off and hide inside (or go out somewhere). No one likes our side of the street. I see them, walking to homes on the other side, but our fairly busy street seems to keep them from crossing to our side. Bonus: we won't be eating leftover Halloween candy at Christmas. Or Valentine's. Or Easter, like we did one year.

5. This week I read The Survivor, another novel written by someone filling in for an author who passed away (Vince Flynn). Kyle Mills did a nice job and I enjoyed the book, reading it in one day.

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