Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Chicken Fricassee

A couple of weeks ago we needed a quick meal for dinner and I was kind of bored with our usual quick meals, so I consulted the recipe collection and came up with this idea: Chicken Fricassee. Honestly, I'd never before heard of chicken fricassee until I saw the recipe in an old Cook's Illustrated (Nov/Dec 2010). It's pretty simple, so we decided to try it.
Except for omitting the garlic, we followed the recipe exactly. Brown chicken, brown mushrooms & onions, add wine, flour, broth, add chicken back to pan, cook until chicken is done, remove chicken, whisk together sour cream and yolk, stir into sauce, add nutmeg, lemon, and tarragon, enjoy.
This was really tasty. I really liked the tang from the sour cream and that silky/creamy texture from the yolk plus the tart lemon, warm hint of nutmeg, and the licorice flavor of the tarragon. Kind of like chicken marsala (the chicken and mushrooms) but with a different sauce. This is a definite make again dish. We got 2 meals from this (4 servings).

Recipe here.

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