Friday, November 6, 2015

The Oxford Cafe

Writing for the blog has become a bit of a chore lately. I have some drafts started but to finish them will require some time and I never feel like taking the time to finish them! But this one should be quick & easy. It's about one of the not very good meals we had while in England. It was at The Oxford Cafe in Oxford.

We went to Oxford on the second to last day of vacation (not counting the day spent flying home). I had done my research and thoroughly read several "visit" sections for various sight-seeing in Oxford and somehow I never saw that the Friday we went was prospective student day. That wasn't so great because a lot of places were closed to tourists because they were busy wooing prospective students.

We also knew the address for where the walking tour was, saw it on the GPS, followed the GPS directions, and somehow we still kept walking right past it, which was annoying. I had made sure while we were still home that the tour was wheelchair accessible (I emailed the owner) yet our guide, even after seeing me in a wheelchair, took us on many cobblestone areas (which, admittedly, are hard to avoid, but...) plus up & down some stairs (only 2-3 steps, but still... not super safe) so by the end of the 2 hour walking tour, I was tired of being jostled and bumped and ricocheting around and I could tell that SP was hungry and that mom was tired from walking & hungry and I was hungry because it was after 1 pm.

So we set off to go back to an historic pub for lunch. But then we stumbled on the Covered Market, which was on my list of things to see. Everyone was a little tired at this point in vacation from all the walking and tourist-ing that I wasn't sure about bypassing it and then walking back to it, plus I was sick of extra walking because extra walking = extra jostling and bumps for me, so I suggested we look inside for lunch, but I had no prior research so I had no suggestions. Neither SP nor mom piped up with any thoughts or decisions, mom maintaining it was our vacation and she was just along for the ride and not making any decisions, and SP just as usual leaving it up to me so I was getting annoyed. I even asked what they thought of this place based on looking at it and at the giant menu posted on the wall and they both just kind of shrugged and said they could find something to eat. Grrrr!!!!!! Why was it always up to me???????? If you don't like how it looks, SAY SO!!!!!!!

Tired. Hungry. Knowing mom and SP were tired and hungry. So we pretty much picked the first place we saw: The Oxford Cafe.
SP had some strange gazpacho soup that was just OK (but it smelled awful and disgusting) and a salad which was iceberg lettuce and not all that great.
Mom and I both had a chicken, tomato, mozzarella panini. It was not very good. I didn't even finish mine. Yuck.
Both mom & I felt queasy after eating it. I spent the next few hours praying it wouldn't upset my stomach. Mom spent the next hour looking for a bathroom. Every time she mentioned how the chicken tasted off I yelled at her to stop because the mere thought of that sandwich made my tummy rumble in a bad way.

Needless to say, we cannot recommend this place.

And of course on the train ride home, both mom & SP said they wished we'd returned to the historic pub for lunch because it had sounded really neat and of course that's what I had wanted all along but I had allowed myself to be worried about mom being tired from so much walking and about SP's blood sugar levels because we'd been walking around for 3 hours total so I allowed myself to panic and in my own super hungry bordering on hangry haze I just couldn't focus and I was mad that they weren't helping to make a decision or saying what they wanted and...

Well this is what you get when everyone is hangry and afraid to suggest something that they want. BAD FOOD DECISION. And upset stomachs.

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