Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

1. It's November! Let the crazy busy holiday stress season begin!

2. My mom made lasagna last Sunday. There's a piece for me in our refrigerator. I can't wait for dinner tonight! Mom's lasagna is THE BEST.

3. This week we baked madeleines. They're almost gone (mom helped eat some, too).

4. This week I read The Mask from Taylor Stevens. So I am all caught up on this series. I am anxiously awaiting a copy of the new Michael Connelly book from the library. In the meantime, I have the the third and final book in the Last One Hundred Years trilogy from Jane Smiley (Golden Age). I'm looking forward to this book, too, hopefully I'll start it later today.

5. We didn't make it past Halloween without the Thanksgiving issue coming up. I loathe and dread the holidays anymore. I really don't even want to hear about Thanksgiving until after my birthday but that's never going to happen. Honestly, I'd like to tell everyone, nope, not available, we're no longer choosing a family for a holiday or having joint holidays or even celebrating holidays, we're staying in, just the two of us.

We ended up deciding we should host Thanksgiving, both families, here, at our house. We had 16 people here 2 years ago so surely we can handle 12-14 this year.

As for Christmas... ugh. I'm starting to think we should take a vacation over the Christmas & New Year holidays. Or pray for 2 feet of snow to trap us inside.

6. Thanksgiving is pretty straightforward: roast turkey & gravy, grandma's sausage stuffing, green beans & mushrooms, and cranberry relish plus apple pie and pumpkin pie. We'll probably do another vegetable, like Brussels, plus some corn and dinner rolls for the kids. And then whatever anyone else brings.

7. The Thanksgiving plan is for my mom and SIL to help me cook while SP entertains the nephews/niece (ages 5-15) in the basement, away from the kitchen and the breakables in the upstairs living room. That means video games in the basement and football in the sunroom!

8. But first: my birthday weekend! I'm pretty darn excited for Saturday's celebratory dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. Also pretty excited for birthday dessert (SP is visiting a bakery and getting me something, that much I suspect). I might save SP from making birthday lasagna this weekend since I have a piece from my mom, but that just means I'll want turkey devonshire or mac & cheese with breaded chicken tenders!

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  1. Happy birthday. May you have many more happy,healthy ones.And happy thanksgiving (and cooking) from a hot and humid south Africa.