Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

1. Last weekend was my birthday and as usual, SP got me lots of treats. Friday night we had Lemon Tarts and Chocolate Eclairs from La Gourmandine. Yum!
Saturday I got to have half a Panera sandwich (Bacon Turkey Bravo) for lunch because there was no food in the house. No lunch meat, no bread, no eggs, no dinner leftovers. Dinner was the delicious meal at Arlecchino.
Sunday for breakfast & lunch I ate a leftover eclair and leftover Arlecchino then for dinner SP made me Pasta with Prosciutto & Peas - this time he bought fresh Fede tagliatelle for the dish. SO GOOD!
Dessert was birthday cake from Party Cake Shop. We really like their paczki but had not yet tried their cake. It's pretty good cake. Not Bethel Bakery, but still good.

So it was a birthday full of deliciousness.

2. Sunday we went to see Bridge of Spies. We both really enjoyed the movie.

3. My mom came over again this past Monday. She's been here the last 2 Mondays to help me "spring clean" except I suppose it's really "pre-holiday clean" or maybe "November clean." We didn't pick November/before the holidays, it just happened that we got in a habit of every November she helps me clean the huge hutch in the dining room that she and my dad "gave" us (they moved to Las Vegas & couldn't fit it in their Las Vegas home so it was in my apartment, then I moved in with SP and they told us the hutch and the contents were ours if we wanted it all). Anyway, it's huge and it's lots of glass and mirror so once a year everything comes out, gets cleaned, all the interior glass and the mirror get a thorough cleaning, and mom polishes all the brass stuff that is displayed in the hutch. Last week she helped me clean out our booze cabinet and clean the glass door and shelves plus the glasses we keep inside.

While she was working on the hutch, I was cleaning out our flatware & the other "utensil" drawer. It's amazing how many crumbs and crap get inside those drawers. Since we're having guests stay with us for a week over Thanksgiving and hosting Thanksgiving itself, I didn't want our guests to see the crumbs, loose tea, etc., that was slowly accumulating in the drawers!

4. I read Career of Evil, the new novel from Robert Galbraith, and like the previous 2 Cormoran Strike novels, enjoyed it a lot.

5. Yesterday I barely saw SP. He left early for work and after work he went to the hockey game. Thanks to a shoot out and PennDOT working on the tunnels, he didn't get home until midnight. It took nearly an hour and a half for him to get home. I can't wait until this tunnel/Parkway West project is over. Supposedly it started August 2014 and will end August 2016, but somehow it feels like it has been going on much longer than just since August 2014.

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