Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

1. This week is flying by. SP has been super busy because he has a work deadline next week. He's been working longer hours and one evening he watched TV with me while doing work on his laptop. I'm glad the deadline is before the holiday - that way he can relax and enjoy and not worry.

2. There was a little oopsy with the car. Actually, 2 oopsies. Sigh. First, "someone" parked crooked in the garage and scraped the passenger front corner against the patio furniture (which we store in the garage over winter). I heard a crash one morning and later that night, "someone" confessed their sin, trying to put a "it's not so bad" spin on it, but, um, it was pretty bad. I was not happy when I saw the damage on Saturday. Then the next day, "someone" parked in a space at the mall and everything was fine pulling into the space, but when pulling out, the concrete parking block scraped under the car. I've never heard a parking block scrape sound as bad as this was. Turns out that's because the parking block basically ripped the front plastic cover bumper thingy off the car. The clips were broken, it was hanging by a thread, the head light was scraped, it was bad. Very bad.

So, another car repair quote, another unexpected expense. This time: $700 for an overnight repair. We looked at our deductible and the repair cost and pondered potential insurance increases and opted to not run it through insurance.

At least we're killing two oopsy damages with one repair cost since both oopsies were on the same part of the car. Yay?

3. The next debate was to rent or not rent a car. Originally SP was going to not rent and work from home, but with the work deadline, he really felt he needed to be in the office, so he rented a car for a day. I sure hope the repair work is done before the 24 hours of the car rental is up!

4. Thank goodness for the moms because between them, they are handling a good chunk of the Thanksgiving shopping. One mom is getting the turkey, rolls, and a dessert while the other is getting the last minute stuff next week and helping me do prep work next Wed. We'll get the other stuff this weekend (apples for apple pie!). 

5. Of course it is the super busy time of year. We just found out that Z is coming into town in early Dec., but we have no idea if/when we can see her because SP works and we already have weekend plans for every weekend from now until the end of the year. We need to sit down and look at the calendar and see what we might be able to change.

6. Last weekend was my birthday dinner with SP's family at Central Diner. SP of course ordered rice pudding:
I tried a new-to-me dessert, the tiramisu:
It was good, light and flavorful, and just the right size.

7. Last night we watched the movie San Andreas. As always, it was fun to watch mass destruction and learn stuff. By learning I mean that we sat there with our tablets and looked up stuff like can a tsunami really happen if the San Andreas fault ruptures? Would SF really flood like that? What was the strongest earthquake ever? How strong an earthquake can a building survive? Would the buildings really just collapse like that? Did this movie get anything correct? Why are we even thinking?

8. I finally finished Golden Age from Jane Smiley. I really liked the trilogy and highly recommend it. This third book wrapped up the trilogy nicely.

9. I'm going to go nap now. Here's how tired I am: earlier today I decided to make myself a coffee treat using my Nespresso. I stuck a capsule in and pushed the start button and then sat there staring as the coffee flowed out and into nothing but the drip try because I forgot to put a mug there. Whoops. 

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