Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Borough Market

I started baking holiday cookies and so far, it's not gone great. I'm not so happy with the results, especially of today's very labor intensive cookies. Sorta makes me want to not bake anymore. So I'm taking a break and thinking about our trip to London and all the fabulous baked goods at Borough Market. Thank goodness for a tweet from Saveur way back in June or July about London & food, otherwise I'm not sure I would have known about this market. I put it on our itinerary, for the day we visited the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. We made sure we ended our Tower Bridge tour on the south side and then took a leisurely walk along the south bank of the Thames to the London bridge, turned a bit more south, fired up the GPS, and navigated past Southwark Cathedral to the Borough Market. It was fabulous. 
It's also huge. And crowded. And busy. And bumpy. But so much amazing food. SP was distracted by the fish, the meats, and some stands selling pickled goodies and offering samples of pickled goodies which he was all too happy to sample. 
Meanwhile I had found iced tea! Iced tea is so common here but not so common in England. It was a warm, sunny day and who could resist organic iced Earl Grey with fresh mint and lemon with a little brown sugar? Seriously the best iced tea I've ever had. It didn't last long.
 A shop with my thoughts: No such thing as too much cheese. Borough Market had lots of cheese. It was cheese heaven.
 Huge wheels of cheese. I wanted all of it. 
Small amounts of cheese, just as yummy looking & desirable:
I also wanted all of the baked goodies and sweet treats. Enormous meringues.
 Tarts and pastries.
 And cookies. Huge cookies, delicate cookies, jelly cookies, owl shaped cookies.
 And elephant cookies!
 There was also a lot of meat. Meat for sale, meat sizzling away - huge sausages like these:
 Meat pies - oh how I love meat pies:
 Kangaroo, wagyu, crocodile:
 Ostrich meat and a list of meat sold:
 Zebra & camel burgers:
And then there was the enormous salami. They offered us samples, which we accepted, and it was delicious:
Lamb. We really wanted to buy some lamb. But couldn't.

Sausages. And bacon. Lots of bacon. Boar bacon. Streaky bacon. Staffordshire bacon. New Forest bacon.
I do not even like the smell of seafood so I avoided those areas. SP was more than happy to check out the fish - haddock, trout, anchovies in garlic oil: 
 Lots of sole:
Then there were the eggs. Scotch eggs:
 And all sorts of other eggs:
I think we spent close to 3 hours wandering around the market and snacking. Tomorrow: our favorite stand and snack at Borough Market.

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