Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kappacasein Raclette at Borough Market

Not long into our exploration of Borough Market we saw some young women holding the above plate of food. We took one look and decided we had to have it. Cheese. And potatoes. And pickles. I'm talking about raclette.

But first, this:
Look at the size of those cheese toasties (grilled cheese sandwiches)! So much cheese! I really wanted one, but I wanted the raclette more.  The cheese toasties were in the same stall as the raclette: the Kappacasein stall.
Looking back now, I wish I'd just been a total cheesy piggy and had a cheese toastie, too.
Back to the raclette. I had heard of raclette. I had not ever actually seen it or eaten it. Raclette is both a semi-firm cow's milk cheese and a French/Swiss dish based on heating the cheese and scraping off (racler) the melted part. The guy manning the raclette heated a huge half moon of cheese until it was brown and bubbly and gooey.
While the cheese heated, he loaded a plate with tiny, boiled potatoes and cornichons.
He also helpfully sliced the tiny potatoes in half. Look how brown the cheese is getting!
As soon as he removed our cheese, he started heating another. 
All of the melty cheese was scraped onto our potatoes. And, voila:
Our delicious plate of raclette. I'm not gonna lie - I didn't care about those about those potatoes or pickles. They were simply a vehicle to get the cheese in my mouth. I would have been happy with just the cheese on my plate. We quickly devoured our plate of ooey gooey deliciousness and briefly pondered purchasing a second plate, but passed, only because there was still so much other food to sample at the market.

But the next time I see raclette somewhere, we're having it. And next time we're at Borough Market, I'm having raclette AND a cheese toastie.

Plan accordingly: Kappacasein is only at Borough Market Thursdays 11 am~5 pm, Fridays 11 am~6 pm, and Saturdays 8 am~5 pm.

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