Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

1. I think Thanksgiving wiped me out. I haven't posted in a week. Then again, we haven't dined anywhere new or cooked anything new. I also have not been feeling great. I don't think it's a cold, I think it's allergies, but the sinus issues are not pleasant.

2. Post-Thanksgiving meals this past week were leftover Thanksgiving food (though there wasn't that much leftover) and pasta salad with lots and lots of vegetables.

3. We had 10 adults and 4 kids here on Thanksgiving. I think everyone had a good time and enjoyed the food. I did not take many photos. Here's the turkey waiting to go in the oven:
 And here it is, cooking:
No photos of the fully cooked turkey. It got a little too crazy in the kitchen with too many people hanging out there, wanting to help. At one point, as we were trying to get everything finished and on the table, there were 7-8 adults in the kitchen, which means I couldn't get around in the wheelchair and I kept having to ask for help because I couldn't do anything myself, and that made everything difficult and frustrating. If you aren't asked to help, or do not know your way around in my kitchen, or cannot help for some reason, just get out because all you do is make it more difficult. Also, sometimes "help" isn't really "help" if it isn't done "right" and results in extra work & me having to re-do something (like people putting dirty dishes on top of clean ones in the dish drainer, thanks for making me re-wash the clean stuff because you made it dirty again and for making me have to wash the dish drainer itself so I could put clean dishes in it). We have a pretty large kitchen, but even so, more than 4 people working on things is just too chaotic and difficult. Plus, between the unseasonably warm day and all the cooking, the temperature in the kitchen/living room was 76 degrees. It was pretty darn warm. I was very hot & kind of sweaty.
SP's plate of food
4. There was a lot of clean up. It looked OK by the end of Thanksgiving, but on Friday, we discovered a lot more clean up. Food all over the floors in the sunroom & dining room, appetizer plates with food on them left in the sunroom, food and drink drips on tables, that kind of thing. Hosting is a lot of work! Plus we had family staying with us for a week, so Friday was a lot of extra laundry - guest sheets, guest towels, tablecloths, and somehow 14 dish towels got used in 3 days! Good thing we have a lot of dish towels! So much cooking and dish washing.

5. We were exhausted Friday. We slept late, cleaned more, did lots of laundry, and then I napped in the afternoon and SP tried to sort out his gaming stuff in the basement (apparently at least one nephew explored every single game/controller/system!).
The pumpkin pie we made
6. Saturday was grocery shopping and errands then we saw Spectre. I always enjoy James Bond movies. We had dinner at Burgatory then went home and crashed on the couch and started watching Jessica Jones on Netflix. So far, I like it, though I keep calling it Jessica Rabbit.

7. Sunday was back to the usual laundry & cooking plus we put up our Christmas tree. Christmas decorating always takes a good 3-4 hours. And SP was working on a friend's computer that had been having issues and he had to get it done in time for the return to school.

8. We also spent some post-holiday weekend time poking around and digging through stuff in the basement since we were informed in no uncertain terms that our basement stinks of sewage or dead animal. We did not find a dead animal - I would have been very surprised if we did because of the mouse traps we have out in the furnace room and garage and because of the stray cats and snake that live in our back/front yards. As for sewer smell, if it was backing up, the alarm would be going off. So I have no idea what the issue is, or if we even have an issue, because we found nothing and smell nothing other than the usual "basement smell." My parents don't smell anything. Our cleaning lady didn't smell anything. I'm not sure what to do next to sort this one out.

9. This week I read the new Harry Bosch book by Michael Connelly and it was very good.

10. This week I have not spent much time on the computer. Our cleaning lady was here on Tuesday and she & I always chit chat while she's here. Wednesday was a very early morning doctor appointment, then SP dropped me off at my mom's and she & I went shopping. Last night SP & I were super tired from getting up 2-3 hours earlier than usual for my doctor appointment.

11. And that's how the past week has flown by. Busier than normal and exhausted from too much holiday cheer (maybe a little too much wine and one too many spiced cranberry martinis).

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