Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

1. All of the requested library books became available at the same time, so I had a stack of 7 to read. Since last Thursday, I have read The Chocolate Falcon Fraud by Joanna Carl and Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter. I read all the Chocoholic Mysteries and they are quick reads for me and entertaining enough. Pretty Girls is the first Slaughter novel I've read and I enjoyed it a lot. The story sucked me in and I couldn't put the book down.

2. Since last Thursday I read/re-read the December magazine issues and ripped out the recipes/stories I want to keep. Right now there is no magazine pile, which feels great.

3. This week our dinners are either Chicken Noodle Soup or German Potato Salad. Nothing new. Dessert has been Chex Mix. We both have a Chex Mix problem. I think we could finish an entire batch in one evening if one of us didn't summon up some willpower and rip the bowl out of the other person's hands and put the mix away in the kitchen.

4. Fargo was pretty great this past Monday but I don't want to say anything more because of potential spoilers. We're really excited about this coming Monday's finale.

5. We finally sat down and made a holiday cookie baking list. There isn't much enthusiasm this year, probably because we seem to be busier than normal this December so we really do not have much time for baking. But we'll see. My mom is going to come over one day and help me bake while SP is at work, so that will help. I think she just wants to be sure her favorite cookie really does get made!

6. Last weekend was SP's work holiday party. It was at the Carnegie Science Center and we were able to see all the exhibits and a laser show (we saw the holiday music one, other people saw the Michael Jackson one). They had a holiday cocktail called The Grinch. It was midori, vodka, bitters, and maraschino cherry. It was quite good - and green! The food was tasty, too, especially the mini crab cakes and mini beef wellington and the bacon wrapped chicken skewers.

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