Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Creamy Lobster Fettuccine

After a couple of years going out to dinner on New Year's Eve, we decided to just accept that we never really enjoyed our meals or the crowds and were generally unsatisfied and left regretting what it cost us. Now we always stay in on New Year's Eve. We always plan a "special" meal for NY Eve or Day. This year, it was NY Eve. The meal: Giada's Creamy Lobster Linguine (but we used fettuccine). We had seen it on one of her Giada's Holiday Handbook shows and then it was in the December Food Network Magazine.
That's Larry the Lobster. He was purchased at Market District on NY Eve. He's a 2 lb lobster (give or take) and we had MD steam him for us.
This dish is really easy (especially if you buy your lobster already cooked) but it does take some time to remove every last bit of lobster, which you definitely want to do because Larry and his cousins can be quite pricey. SP was in charge of that. 
 The usual starting point: cooking bacon, browning shallots.
 Adding tomato puree and cream.
 Adding the cooked fettuccine.
 As instructed, grating the parmesan directly on top the fettuccine and tossing in the sauce.
 Adding the lobster, arugula, peas, tarragon, and basil.
 Tossing it all together and then serving a delicious pasta dinner:
We splurged and bought fresh basil at MD. I felt so guilty spending that much on fresh basil when I know a $1 packet of seeds gets me 2-3 huge basil trees with many seeds to spare in the summer but, alas, it's winter and the basil plants are dead. It was worth it, though. We did not splurge on the fresh tarragon. Ours is currently wintering in the dining room (not dead but not producing fresh, green tarragon) so we sprinkled in some dried tarragon.
This is definitely a make again dish. It would be good with shrimp, too, which are not as pricey as lobster. I think it's a wise move to use fresh, not dried, basil, even if you need to splurge on the fresh basil at a store in winter. We both really, really liked this dish. Our favorite pasta (DeLallo egg fettuccine), our favorite herbs, an indulgent seafood, creamy tomato sauce, and the pop of petite peas.

Recipe here.

*Notes: We had an 8.8 ounce bag of pasta, not a 1 lb bag, so we scaled the recipe back a bit. Ours looked more like this:
2 slices of bacon
1 shallot
1.5 c puree
1/4 c cream plus 1-2 tbsp cream
fresh parmesan (didn't measure, just grated on top the fettuccine)
baby arugula
fresh basil 
our chopped arugula + basil together = about 1.5 c
dried tarragon (not measured, just sprinkled in)
generous 1/2 c frozen peas
One 2 lb lobster

We got 2 meals from it, so 4 servings

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