Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

1. We have 2 more episodes of Making A Murderer to watch. I'm not convinced of guilt/no guilt, I have a lot of questions, but it seems clear that something somewhere isn't adding up with the evidence/testimony, etc. I'm not saying Avery is not guilty, or even a good guy, but it seems to me the investigation was not handled properly. What a mess.

2. Meanwhile, our other TV time includes Downton Abbey (we're enjoying the final season), Galavant (makes us laugh), the new season of Worst Cooks in America (can't believe how bad these people are in the kitchen) and I am watching the second season of American Crime (really liked season 1, so far 2 is good, too).
3. For the first time since before Christmas, I saw my mom. Earlier this week she stopped by and gave me small present from my niece & nephew that she brought back from Christmas in GA. Obviously, my 17 year old niece picked out the gift, not my almost 11 year old nephew. I must say the nail polish colors are outside my usual comfort zone. I decided to see what they looked like so I quickly put a coat on my nails. I kind of like them, even if I am not a neon pink kind of person! I think she meant for the colors to brighten my toes since there were also a few pairs of fuzzy, cozy socks in the gift bag that said "For Your Mistletoes" but I'll be darned if I am going to be slipper-less and sock-less in the house right now! We'll have to wait until April or May to see how my feet look with bright pink or purple toes.

4. It finally snowed. Can't complain with the first significant snowfall not coming until mid-January. It was enough that SP got to use the snowblower. He also wore his new snowpants and safety headphones. That snowblower is loud!

5. This weekend is the Steelers-Broncos playoff game. I hope it's not as vicious as that playoff game against the Bengals last weekend. That game was a disgrace. Hopefully things will cool off before the teams meet next season.

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