Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

1. Last week SP stopped and bought paczki. He got them from our usual place (Party Cake) and as usual, I devoured the chocolate filled ones while he enjoyed raspberry and lemon filled paczki.
2. Last weekend SP & T went to to Ikea and bought the bookshelves I picked out a few weeks ago. Then they spent an afternoon putting them together. I like them a lot and am very happy I decided to move things around in my office and add these bookcases. I really like the drawers. I'm sure I'll be adding/removing/rearranging stuff on the shelves over the next few weeks but for now I am quite pleased - and I still have 1 empty shelf. We changed some things in SP's office, too, and we both are donating a lot of books in an effort to clear out some of our "stuff." Sometimes I cannot believe how much stuff we have. Ugh!
3. After getting the bookshelves together, we treated T to dinner as a thank you. We went to one of our favorite local places, Downey's House, and watched the end of the Patriots-Chiefs game. I ordered my usual: meatball hoagie with a side of pasta. We also shared our usual appetizer, the fried zucchini. The hoagie and pasta are so huge that I got 3 meals from it, the dinner plus 2 lunch meals this week. 

4. I have not been reading much lately. I think after having so many books to read in December, I need a break. That being said, I have 2 library books ready for pick up, so I guess reading break is over.

5. We finished Making A Murderer. It's definitely worth watching and definitely leaves you in disbelief at our judicial system, at least how it functioned in Manitowoc County. 

6. Amazon Prime membership went on sale so we finally got our own Prime account instead of just being users of Googer's and his free shipping. The motivation was to be able to watch some Amazon shows, specifically Bosch, which is based on the Harry Bosch novels written by Michael Connelly. We both enjoyed Bosch a lot. Like we started watching Saturday and had watched all 10 episodes by Monday. Now we're ready for Season 2 which comes out in March, I think.

7. I have been scanning old photos, again. This comes and goes. Sometimes I'll scan a bit every day for a couple weeks, then I get bored/annoyed and quit and forget to scan for months. Someday all the old photos and slides will be scanned! Right now I'm working on my 2 photo albums from my junior year abroad in Japan. I am 75% done and then I can start scanning the old black & white family photos I inherited this past October when my Aunt G passed away.

8. We're still wondering just how much, if any, snow we'll see here from tomorrow afternoon through the end of day Saturday. Hopefully not too much, but I guess if you live in VA, MD, DC, you should stock up on milk, bread, and toilet paper. Plus a shovel and some rock salt.

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